Latino/Latin American Studies

The Latino/Latin American Studies minor consists of 20 credits of interdisciplinary coursework.  This study of the Americas is appropriate for all students, especially those majoring in History, Hispanic Studies, Political Science, Theology, and Global Business.

Fall 2019 Event Series: Social Movements in the Americas: Power, Rights, and Resources

LLAS 270
Students who plan to attend all events may register for LLAS 270: Readings in Latino/Latin American Studies. This can be taken for either one or zero credits, on an S/U basis.  Registrants for LLAS 270 will receive 1 academic credit if they attend all events and collaborate on a community project.  Students may also choose to register for 0 credits, which only requires attendance of events. Interested students should contact Dr. Bruce Campbell, Director of the Latino/Latin American Studies program, at  [email protected]

Fall 2019 Event Series

Dr. Michael Becerril
(Title to be announced)
Wednesday, September 18
7 PM, Quad 264, SJU

Dr. Leider Valencia of COCCAM 
"Eradicating Peace: The Other Side of the Colombian War on Drugs" 
Wednesday, October 2
7 PM, GOR 204c, CSB

COCCAM (Campesino Coordination of Coca, Poppy and Marijuana Growers) emerged with the objective of promoting the implementation of point 4 (Solution to the problem of illicit drugs) of the peace accords in Havana. Paramilitaries have assassinated more 38 leaders participating in this movement.

Dr. Elena McGrath
(Title to be announced)
Wednesday, October 23
7 PM, GOR 204 A, CSB