The study of another language is an adventure, an exploration into the workings of minds both like and unlike our own. When we learn a new language, we learn to see differently -- we acquire a new perspective from which to view both ourselves and the world.

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June 2015    CSB/SJU's New Archeological Field School

Assistant Professor of Classics, Jason Schlude, is currently directing one of CSB/SJU's newest short-term study abroad programs: an archeological dig in northern Israel.

Pictured above: Jason (in red) with his 2015 student excavating team.

Jason recently sent an update on the new program:

"I write from northern Israel, where the 2015 season of our archaeological field school at Omrit is underway.

First, I would like to let you know that we are having an excellent season this year! We are pursuing a range of important research questions related to the Roman settlement we are excavating, and we have a great team of excavators this year. As for our Bennies and Johnnies on the team, they are doing a FANTASTIC job! And not only are they impressing me, but they also are impressing my co-directors. I can't say enough about the work they are doing and how adept they are at leading and being team players. We cannot do this kind of research without students like this! We are so lucky to work with them!

Secondly, we have a webpage for the CSB/SJU field school at Omrit. The webpage includes information about the project, our CSB/SJU 2015 team, and (MOST IMPORTANTLY) a blog written by our students that details some of their experiences in real-time! The address is: csbsjuomrit.org."

We invite you to learn more about Omrit and follow the Bennie-Johnnie Blog as our students make discoveries and help with this important research!


April 2015    Language Scholarship Recipients Announced

The following students were awarded language scholarships for the 2015-2016 academic year:

Left to right: Ben Kollaja '16, Otmar Drekonja Scholarship for German Cultural Studies
Margaret Anderson '16, Gaida Family Scholarship for French
Karen Mize '16, Sister Margretta Nathe Scholarship for German 

Congratulations, Meg, Ben and Karen!

For information on our language scholarships, click here.

April 1015    Student Excursion to the Minneapolis Institute of Art's Habsburg Exhibit

Read about it in our News & Events Archive.

Elizabeth Shelerud, Charlotte Waterhouse, Sarah Wachter and Beth Richmond


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