Languages and Cultures

World Languages Center

The World Languages Center (WLC) is a suite of rooms within SJU Alcuin 101 that serves as a meeting space for cultural enrichment, language learning and exchange, tutoring, office hours, foreign-language film screenings, and group or individual language study.

The WLC has a computer lab (Alcuin 107) equipped with webcams and headsets, and is used for language testing, language-learning software, and interactive online communication with native speakers.

Alcuin 102 is used for language faculty office hours, 113 for Fulbright scholars who serve as teaching assistants for language programs, and 119 is a seminar room that can be used for screenings, classes, presentations, or additional study space.

The WLC houses a collection of language-related textbooks and resources that go beyond the languages taught on our campuses. It is open to all interested in speaking and studying languages.

“Deutschabend” in the WLC

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Ana Conboy
Chair, Languages and Cultures Department
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Jennifer Schwichtenberg
Department Coordinator
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