Placement Exam Instructions

This exam is accessible only to students enrolled at CSB/SJU.

Important information: The placement exam is a tool used to help determine where your high school level of French or German corresponds to the course levels at CSB/SJU. The exam is not a means to "test out" of the global language proficiency requirement, nor do you receive credit for your score or placement. Therefore, to avoid skewing your proper placement, we strongly advise you not use study materials while taking the exam

Because the exams are timed (90 minutes for French, 60 minutes for German), please plan enough time to take the exam in one sitting. 

Accessing the French or German placement exams

How To Find Language Placement Test Scores

Step 1:   Log into Banner Self Service.
Step 2:  Click “Student Records.”
Step 3:  Click “View Results” and you should be able to find your test score.

Cut-off scores for French:

0-16         FREN 111
17-19        FREN 111/112
20-32      FREN 112
33-35       FREN 112/211
36+          FREN 211 or 212; in some cases 312 – consult with French faculty

Cut-off scores for German:

0-26        GERM 111
27-29      GERM 111/112
30-49      GERM 112
50-53      GERM 112/211
54-67      GERM 211
68+         GERM 212 

For information on placement exams for Latin, Greek, Japanese and Chinese, or for questions about this testing process, contact Jenn at (320) 363-5067 or e-mail: [email protected].