Robert Mevissen

Majors: German, French, and history

Robert Mevissen has been impressed by the intimate sense of community at CSB/SJU since day one. The community aspect initially drew him here and has continued to impress him for the past four years.

Graduating from SJU in 2009, Mevissen is majoring in German, French and history. He has been studying German since high school and picked up French at CSB/SJU after a friend started teaching him how to conjugate French verbs. Speaking German has helped him land a work/study position as a German tutor through the Modern Classical Languages Department. Mevissen is involved as a treasurer for the German club, and as a secretary for the French club.

“Speaking French and German are both beneficial for my future career goals, which involve international exchange and understanding,” Mevissen said.

Mevissen enjoys his classes and the perpetual support from his professors.

“I have never met people more encouraging or willing to help, even at the expense at their own time,” Mevissen said.

His classes, especially in German and French, have helped broaden his academic foundation and have expanded his personal growth. Mevissen studied abroad in Salzburg, Austria his sophomore year in 2006 and in Cannes, France his junior year in 2007. Whether dialectic differences in Austria, or socio-economic differences working with underprivileged immigrant children in Cannes, these experiences enhanced his international understanding.

“Both experiences, while radically different, expanded my international awareness as they exposed me to a variety of cultural nuances,” Mevissen said.

While benefiting from his abroad and educational experiences, Mevissen has received a teaching-study grant from the Fulbright Commission to spend an academic year in Vienna, Austria, starting this September. He will be teaching English at Austria’s equivalent of a middle or high school for half of the week, and studying and taking classes at the University of Vienna the other half of the week.

“I have always wanted to spend a year in a German-speaking country, and this opportunity offered me everything I could have wanted in terms of interacting with local Austrians and living in their culture,” Mevissen said.

After all of Mevissen’s international experiences at CSB/SJU, both abroad and on campus, he wants to pursue a career in the diplomatic sector in which he will be challenged to change and grow as a person.

“These campuses offer so many chances to get involved; I do not believe that one can be bored or lonely when every day brings new excitement and action with others from the CSB/SJU community,” Mevissen said.