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Yana Taets

I studied German Civil Law and Economic Geography at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich, Germany. At the same time, I worked as a logistician for the second largest transport company in Germany for 8 years. After moving to the US, I started my dream job at BMW of North America in New Jersey. Eventually I realized how unhappy I was in the corporate world and fulfilled my biggest childhood dream to be a teacher. I taught German language and culture at the Germanic-American Institute, Augsburg University, St. Paul Academy, and University of Minnesota. I met so many amazing students on the way and I am forever grateful for this most rewarding experience!  

I love teaching all levels of German language, contemporary literature, and German history.

I enjoy traveling with my husband and son, hiking, yoga (I even got certified to be a yoga teacher), snorkeling (growing up by the Black Sea instilled the love for nature in me), camping, and playing with my tabby cat and rescue Pomeranian. 

  • Education

    M.A. with High Honors in Linguistics and Pedagogy, State Linguistic University in Pyatigorsk, Russia

  • Awards

    Certificates for outstanding teaching and dedication to help students learn (Center for Educational Innovation, University of Minnesota)