Japanese National Honor Society

The Japanese National Honor Society recognizes and encourages achievement and excellence in the study of the Japanese language. The society is administered by the American Association of Teachers of Japanese (AATJ), and membership is recognized as a national achievement.

Japanese National Honor Society Inductees

Two of our Japanese minor graduates for 2020, Rebecca Kong and Jeremy Jahn, who have been inducted into the Japanese National Honor Society – College Chapter (JNHS-CC) share their learning experience in the Japanese program:

“I came to CSB and SJU with the intention of studying Japanese. As one of the handful of schools in Minnesota with a Japanese minor program, I had the privilege to study under amazing teachers as well as with amazing classmates. Studying Japanese at CSB and SJU prepared me to think critically, lead courageously, and advocate passionately.”

–Rebecca Kong

“I took Japanese in high school, and wanted to continue my studies in college, thus one reason why I chose CSB and SJU. While I wish CSB and SJU had higher level Japanese courses, I very much thank and appreciate the Japanese faculty and program for helping me learn so much! Studying abroad in Japan really helped cement the knowledge I learned in the classroom to the “real world,” in turn meeting lots of people and learning much about Japanese history and culture! Limpert and Dubois sensei are experts at teaching Japanese, and I learned enough to where I secured a Japanese-language internship last summer! I still have so much to learn, and I intend in the future to continue studying Japanese! I do hope to one day pass the N2 JLPT test!”

–Jeremy Jahn

Congratulations, Jeremy and Rebecca!
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