Japanese Minor

We offer a Japanese minor (20 credits) through the Department of Languages and Cultures.

For students who have achieved an intermediate level of proficiency (three semesters or more), the Japanese minor can provide a more rigorous study of Japanese language, literature, and culture, positioned in a larger Asian picture.

This includes the following classes:

• JAPN 212 (4)
• JAPN 311 (or 315 abroad) (4)
• JAPN 312 (or 316 abroad) (4)
• JAPN 320, 321 or 330 (4)
• One course from the Asian Studies course list with a focus on Japan (4) Click here for the list of those courses.
Total: 20 credits

Note: Some of the study abroad courses taken at the Bunkyo Gakuin University can count towards the minor. For questions on credit transfer, please contact Jeff DuBois.