Grants and Fellowships

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Did you know...

  • The US State Department sends more Fulbright scholars to Germany than any other country.

  • The DAAD, Germany's Fulbright equivalent program, funds hundreds more scholars and researchers.

Faculty, majors, minors, and advanced learners in the German Studies Program at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University routinely receive funding, scholarships, and internships from the most competitive domestic and international programs (Fulbright, DAAD, and the Congress-Bundestag Exchange Program). Members of the German Studies Program also consistently receive accolades, scholarships, and competitive internship placements through on-campus support at CSB/SJU. 

Current and past recipients

Matthias Milchrahm

  • Fulbright Austria Teaching Assistant (2019-2020)

Jessica Thwaites '19

  • Research Fulbright, Austria

Allison McGraw '19

  • English Teaching Assistant Fulbright, Germany

Danica Simonet, '19

  • English Teaching Assistant Fulbright, Germany
  • Brandl Scholarship, Jubilee USA Network, D.C. (Summer 2018)
  • Jackson Scholarship, New American Services, St. Paul (Summer 2017)

Nathan Libra, '18

  • US Teaching Assistantship at Austrian Secondary Schools - Administered by Fulbright Austria and Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science, and Research (BMBWF)

Julia Petron ’20

  • DAAD Summer Language Grant, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU)  (Summer 2019)
  • German Summer Internship Program, Klinikum Augsburg Hospital, Augsburg (Summer 2018)

Katharina Huetthaler

  • Fulbright Austria Teaching Assistant (2018-2019)

Ilyse Putz ’20

  • DAAD Rise Internship, Greifswald (Summer 2018)

Channa Kalsow ’22

  • Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange (2017-2018)

Dr. Kurt Hollender

  • DAAD Study Grant, Freie Universität Berlin (2017)
  • Fulbright English Teaching Assistant, Hamburg (2006-2007)

 Sebastian Braunsberger

  • Fulbright Austria Teaching Assistant (2017-2018)

 Max Ditzler ’21

  • Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange (2016-2017)

Ralph Kristl

  • Fulbright Austria Teaching Assistant (2016-2017)

Christoph Jakits

  • Fulbright Austria Teaching Assistant (2015-2016)

Dr. Wendy Sterba

  • DAAD Study Grant, Ludwig Maximilian Universität, Munich (1975-76)
  • DAAD Study Grant, Universität Passau (1985-86)