German Studies

Learn German, Win a Fulbright!

CSBSJU is nationally recognized for the number of students who receive Fulbright and other prestigious scholarships. Many of those winners are German majors, minors and advanced learners. Click here to see a list of our current and past recipients. 

Preparing you for the 21st Century

Picture yourself studying German on our two beautiful campuses -- Saint Ben's and Saint John's -- and at our two campuses in Europe, Salzburg and Eichstätt near Munich! The architecture, woods and lakes of Saint Ben's and Saint John's reflect the parts of Bavaria where our founders came from.

Study German, see the World!
Fall Term during your Sophomore or Junior Year

Join your friends to study in Salzburg, one of the most beautiful cities in the world! Besides becoming fluent in spoken German, you will learn about the cultures surrounding German and Austria by seeing them first-hand! Saint John's and Saint Ben's are ranked number one in the country for the number of students who student abroad!

Live in Salzburg, the city of Mozart's music, majestic mountains, and many architectural masterpieces. Take classes at the world famous University of Salzburg including political science, art history, philosophy, senior seminar, and of course German! Join your friends on excursions to destinations in Austria and Germany to enhance your knowledge of history, art and architecture, and cultural differences within German-speaking lands.

Picture yourself taking advantage of cultural events, folk festivals, art museums, skiing in the Alps, soccer matches and world-class concerts! In Salzburg you will be living and studying in the very center of Europe, within easy reach of cities like Munich, Nuremberg, Prague, Rome, Berlin, Budapest, Paris, Venice and Athens.

For more information about our program in German email us at [email protected].

More advanced students can take advantage of our wonderful -- and financially very advantageous -- exchange program with Eichstätt University just North of Munich.

Study with enthusiastic professors who love European culture, music, philosophy, film studies, politics, gender studies, literature, art, architecture and taking students abroad. We are here to help you get the most out of your four-year plan.

Take more German and see where it takes you.

Fulbright Teaching Assistant Program

The CSB/SJU German Studies Program has hosted German teaching assistants from the Austria Fulbright program for over a decade. 

Course Offerings

At least half of the credits required for your major, excluding supporting courses, must be in CSB/SJU course work.

German Minor

GERM 212 plus 16 upper-division credits

German Major

212 plus 324 (or 325) plus 30 additional upper-division credits

The Salzburg semester and or the Eichstätt semester are strongly encouraged for both majors and minors.

Program Features

Come to CSB/SJU and you can:

  • Study abroad and do an internship in Germany or Austria
  • Earn grants, fellowships and scholarships
  • Become friends with teaching assistants from Germany who live at CSB and SJU
  • Join the German Club - and make life-long friends who also love to travel and learn about languages and culture

Often students taking German at Saint Ben's and Saint John's plan their four-year schedule to include a major or minor in German as well as a major or minor in another subject like Global Leadership (management), economics, music, physics, chemistry, psychology, French, education, art, or political science. Actually, any combination is possible and desirable in our increasingly global world.

German is also a popular major or minor for pre-med, pre-law and pre-engineering students. Give yourself an edge in the global economy and in global research by becoming immersed in a culture that lies at the heart of Europe.