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French Studies

Prof. Chuck Villette, who retired this past spring, with his French 312 students, Spring 2015.


Did you know...?

  • According to a survey conducted by "Devex Career Trends for 2015," French is the language most in demand (after English) by global recruiters. Read more...
  • Students can study abroad during their sophomore, junior or senior years! Learn more at the Center for Global Education.

French Cultural Events
Fall 2016

Join us to learn outside the classroom!

Our events listings are being updated for next year. Check back soon.

Click here to view our updated French Events Calender

Festival Lyrique

April 27th, 2017 at 5 pm, location TBD.

It can be a poem, a song, original or learned, whatever you choose in French! RSVP to [email protected] if interested in performing.

La Causerie Française / French Chat

Become more acquainted with the French culture while practicing your language skills with other French students in a relaxed environment. Casual conversation, games, activities, and surprise events. 

Mondays  •  7:00-8:30 PM  •  Alternating between HAB Lounge, CSB  & Sexton Fireside Lounge, SJU

French Film Series

Mondays starting at 7:15 PM. Location and titles to be announced.

Fine Arts Connection

Join French students for dinner and conversation in French before attending a Fine Arts Programming event.

Details to be announced.

Celebrating Scholarship & Creativity Day - April 27, 2017

The Department of Languages and Cultures invites you to attend our students' senior capstone presentations and research.

** Watch for French Club Events! Crepe nights, French Park!, and more...

11 Top Reasons To Take French

  1. Be understood in 43 countries across five continents and by over 200 million people.
  2. Knowing French makes you more competitive in the national and international job market in disciplines like business, medicine, aviation, law, automotive, distribution and luxury goods.
  3. As the third most common language on the Internet, you can connect with pen pals, visit foreign websites and find exchange student opportunities.
  4. You will develop your critical, creative thinking and problem solving skills. French also provides the base for more than 50% of the modern English vocabulary, which can help you perform better on standardized tests.
  5. Open the doors to art, music, fashion, food, architecture and literature.
  6. Learning French helps you learn other Romance languages like Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian.
  7. Enhance your travel experiences while discovering a new appreciation for other cultures in countries like: France, Canada, Switzerland Monaco and many African nations [as well as in the Caribbean, Pacific Islands and Indian Ocean territories].
  8. Use French to pursue studies [or service work] in francophone countries.
  9. French is a soft, melodious, romantic language with a relatively quick learning curve.
  10. Promote language diversity throughout the world.
  11. French is an official working language of the UN, NATO, UNESCO, the International Olympic Committee, the European Union, the International Red Cross and much more!

(From American Association of Teachers of French)

Learning a new language with no previous background or classes was a challenge but so rewarding. The language was one of the many highlights of my abroad experience.

Joshua Eggebraaten
Biology/Pre-Dentistry Major
SJU Student Ambassador to France

French Major Alum

Michael J. K. Brookman, French major '12, spent the Fall 2011 semester at the Collège International de Cannes and returned to Cannes following graduation.  He worked as cultural assistant, a job that allowed him to continue to improve his French fluency. Michael writes: "My goal is to find employment as a translator/interpreter, preferably in Europe. I am of Ghanaian origin but I feel like I live in three worlds because of my experience with languages and the doors it has opened for me."


French Teaching Assistantship

Apply here!

French Tutors

We're happy to help with your French studies! Click here for our Spring 2016 tutoring schedule.

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