Student profile: Dylan Sheldon

What is your fondest memory of your time at Saint John’s University?

My fondest memory of SJU was my study abroad trip during my junior year. Through this experience, I was able to meet many people from all over the world. I was able to learn about other cultures all while experiencing a different way of living myself. While I was in France, I experienced things that I would never have the chance to (experience) in the United States. I left Europe with many new friends and connections throughout Europe. The cuisine and the beaches on the Mediterranean Sea also made the semester all the more enjoyable.

What have you been doing since graduation?

I left the states shortly after graduation. I’m currently working at the College International de Cannes in France, the same school where I studied abroad. I work part time to earn my tuition and room and board. I’m studying the French language and culture and will be here until summer of 2008.

What plans do you have after you’re done studying in France?

I intend to start an application for the Peace Corps when I’m done with my studies in Cannes.

How has your education from Saint John’s helped you in what you’re currently doing?

My classes and experiences at SJU have helped to give me a more global perspective and have given me access to important resources for my travels. Since I’m currently living, working, and studying at the same university where I studied abroad, it’s clear that SJU has greatly affected my path. It’s wonderful because I am able to work and study among students from all over the world.

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