Twin city

Yilian Li

1.     Desert Time


It was a period of disorder, and there were always wars.  Everybody, no matter from which nationality, desired to live in a peaceful place and had a quiet and happy life with their families. Thus many people started to look for their dream land.

There was a beautiful land and a magnificent city stood here, which was called the Twin City.  There was a clear lake was in front of this city and thousands of tall buildings were reflected in the lake. This was a place that everyone longed to go. It was said that the Twin City was a comfort zone, which stayed away from wars and famine. But this land was really far away from the main land and it would be a long and tough trip there. Many brave people embarked on this journey. 

2. The half of rabbit


The hurricane blew chaotic snow, which diffused half of the sky, and hid the midday sun. There were goshawks hovering above the Snow Mountains.

There was a team of ragged man slowly trekking. "Take care! Take care! ",a person was shouted hoarsely, "holding on each other, the firm wind will soon pass!"

Everybody held on each other, and nobody noticed that a young man embracing a puppet and standing motionless.

After the storm, more than half of them had disappeared. The remaining people sat and started to cook.  "Who can help me, I cannot light the fire," the cook said.  Everyone was already tired and nobody wanted to help him. In this time, a sweet sound said "I can help you to keep the wind away."  This voice was from a beautiful and enthusiastic young woman.

After cooking, the others grabbed the food quickly and nothing left. This beautiful woman walked to the young man and handed over a half of rabbit to him.

"Why did you not get food? You should eat this half of rabbit, otherwise you may die," the woman said.

"Thanks, but I don't need it," the young man said coldly.

"If you don't eat it, I will not leave." The woman noticed that this young man didn't like to stay with others.

The young man ate the half of rabbit and said, "I finished it, so you should go."

"I want to stay with you, I think your puppet is so cute!" The young woman reached her hand out to touch the puppet.

"Don't touch my brother!" the young man said angrily.

"I am sorry, my name is Suling. What's your name?"


"This name doesn't looks like Han name, which clan are you from? Are you puppet master?" Suling asked. Yunhuan didn't reply.

"My clan was destroyed, and we didn't have home anymore. We had to find another place to live,"Suling said. Yunhuan didn't reply, either. Suling didn't know that Yunhuan only had one belief now and had no interest in other things.

"You are not happy. I may help you. I know fortune-telling accurately. Everyone in my clan said I am the best witch. "

This seemed to attract Yunhuan. "What tool will you use for fortune-telling now?"

Suling showed two magic white woods and began a long complicated spell.

Suling closed her eyes, pretentiously asked," Yunhuan, what do you want to know?"

Yunhuan looked in her direction, for a long time, and said, "The past, present and future."

Young woman nodded, the pious eyes closed, and her one of white wood sticks was hanging in the snow. After a while, the wood stick started to move by itself and wrote something in the snow. When it stopped, Suling still closed her eyes and said "You look, this is your past, present and future."

"Explain it to me." Yunhuan said.

"I cannot read your fortune just like I cannot predict my future," Suling said.

"Don't you calculate that I am a blind man?" Yunhuan said.

"What?" Suling asked surprisingly. Then she helped Yunhuan to touch the words in the snow.  Suddenly a frenzy wind blew over and the last sentence of the prophecy was erased.

"What's happened? Tell me the last sentence! Tell me the last sentence!" Yunhuan roared.

"I didn't open my eyes. And I cannot write it again," Suling explained.

Yunhuan sighed a breath, saw the snow all over the sky and muttered, "Maybe this is an act of God to prevent me from seeing the so-called 'future'? Or, maybe I don't have future?" He bowed his head, and mouth suddenly flashed, a fleeting strange smile.


3. Snow Slide


"God! Look, what is that? What is that! " some persons exclaimed, panic stricken. A huge black wings raised behind the Snow Mountain. The black wings covered the skylight and stirred up fierce cyclone. There was snowslide from the mountaintop.  

"Black bird... over the Snow Mountain, the Twin City is near." Yunhuan said calmly.

"A snowslide is coming, you should stay with me, so we can help each other," Suling said.

"You help me? Did you think I am so incapable?" Yunhuan Laughed contemptuously and finger moved flexibly to control the little puppet, which guides him to through the road.

In about one hour, the snowslide was over. More people disappeared. Suling stayed with Yunhuan and accompanied him though this tough time.


4. Heart -to- Heart talk


"Why are you so good to me? We are just strangers," Yunhuan said.

"No, in fact, we met once fifty years ago. Do you remember you save a little mermaid when you were very young? I am the mermaid. After you saved me, I started to practice how to become a human. Now I am finally able to appear in front of you and in a human body. I want to help you,"Suling said with poor eyes.

"You cannot help me. Do you know what I am trying to do? Let me tell you," Yunhuan said with a deeply sadness.

Twenty years ago, the Shark man clan and the Wolf man clan had a fierce war. The Twin city belonged to Yuhuan's clan-Shark man, but after that war, it was occupied by the Wolf man clan. And Yunhuan's clansmen and family was chained by the Wolf man clan. Yunhuan spent twenty years to improve his power and wanted to save his clansman and get back their homes. Yunhuan knew that would be very difficult to defeat Wolf man, but he was willing to sacrifice his life for his clan.

5. Fight and separate


After knowing Yunhuan's experience, Suling still insisted to help him. When they arrived in the Twin City, only five people left.

Yunhuan and Suling went to the palace of governor and asked to liberate all Shark man clan members. Many bodyguards tried to stop them, but Yunhuan's magic power was so strong. Yunhuan controlled his thousands of puppets to help him fight and Suling called many mermaids from the lake in front of the Twin City to help her. The governor wasn't willing to satisfy their request.

They began a five days and nights war. Yunhuan used his magic power to fight, which came from practicing for about twenty years. Suling also used her power to help Sheng, which came from practicing for fifty years.

After five days, they defeated most of the Wolf man clan. They were trying to find the place where Yunhaun's clansmen were imprisoned. Now almost all Wolf man clan had escaped and the whole city was empty, but they could not find Yunhuan's clansmen. They searched everywhere and felt exhausted and hopeless.

At this time, one of Suling's mermaid friends told them that in fact this city was actually a twin city. There was a same city built in the bottom of the lake.  Yunhuan left the city when he was very young, so he didn't know this secret. Therefore, they dived into the clear lake to look for Yunhuan's clansmen.

The city was very beautiful, and all buildings were the same as on the land. Finally, they found their clan in a huge palace. But there was a sacred monster guarding it. They could not defeat this sacred monster, because it lived for five thousand years and had higher power than them.

Suling's friend told her that she had to use her power to seal the sacred monster. But if she did this, she had to stay in the bottom of lake forever. Yunhuan felt very sad and he didn't know when he had fallen in love with this girl. Actually Suling loved Yunhuan all the time. They didn't want to separate.

But Yunhuan understood that he had a more important task to accomplish. Suling was willing to sacrifice her life for Yunhuan.

So Suling used her power to seal the monster and Yunhuan saved all his clansmen and family to the land. Shark man clan controlled the city after that. But Suling and Yunhuan were separated by land and water.

Many people still wanted to come this city and looked for a peaceful life, because they didn't know its history. After Yunhuan became the governor, this city became more peaceful and Yunhuan tried to help everyone who came here. Of course, he went to the bottom of the lake to see Suling when he had time. They lived in this way for about five hundred years and still loved each other.