The tale of Tai Sen

Hoang Dao                                                                       

Once upon a time, there was an old couple who inhabited in a village near the Emperor's Palace to work as farmers. The husband was Tai Yen, and the wife was Yu Do. They were nice to other people and had kind hearts. The old couple lived happily, but what bothered them the most was that they hadn't had any children. They continuously went to temples to ask Gods for a child. They even worked twice as hard as others despite of their ages as they wanted Gods to see that they should be compensated for their diligence. The more they got old, the more desperate they were to get their wish fulfilled. Considering the couple's dedication and sympathizing for their desperation, God told his 10th son to reincarnate as the Tai family's only son. Shortly later, Yu Do gave birth to a boy, and the couple named him Tai Sen.


1.Tai Sen as a baby

Too old for giving birth, Yu Do passed away shortly after the born of Tai Sen because of tiredness and blood loss. Tai Yen had to raise his son by himself. During his very first years of life, Tai Sen was taught how to farm and how to survive. With his intelligence and super strength, Tai Sen in no time was able to take care of himself and even of his father. By the year that Tai Sen was 10 years old, Tai Yen died. Tai Sen lived alone in the straw house that his parents left to him.

One day, a dumpling seller named Ty Zon was resting in front of Tai Sen's house. Ty Zon was cunning and he acknowledged that Tai Sen was strong and smart. Noticing that Tai Sen was living alone, Ty Zon offered him to get to Ty Zon's house in another village to help selling dumpling:

My dear, I see that you live here all by yourself. It must be painful to anyone who lives lonely without someone who cares about him. Would you like to come with me? I also live alone, so I can understand you well and we can become best friends.

Tai Sen, all alone, moved by the fact that someone finally cared about his existence, agreed.


2.Tai Sen and Ty Zon became best friends

Tai Sen and Ty Zon got closer and closer together as they lived in the same home. Tai Sen helped Ty Zon sell dumplings and Ty Zon just had to stay home and make dumplings. They made each other brother. Ty Zon was older so he was agreed to be the older brother, Tai Sen was the younger brother.

At that time, in Ty Zon's village existed a Great monster Serpent who lived more than a hundred years and mastered many kinds of magic. It lived in a temple and had killed many people. The Emperor had been trying to kill it many times with his military but only failed. Then he had to negotiate with the Serpent and it demanded one person's life for meal every month. But as the Emperor was desperate to kill the Serpent, he promised to have his daughter married to anyone who can kill it.

That year was Ty Zon's turn to give his life to the Serpent. He panicked. He planned to trick Tai Sen to replace himself. Tai Sen, obviously, was ignorant of the fact that there existed such danger because he was from another village.

That day, when Tai Sen came back from selling dumplings, Ty Zon offered him a cup of wine and began:

Tonight it's my turn to guard at the Temple, but I have to make a lot more dumplings to meet our customers' orders. Would you like to come to the Temple to guard so I can make more dumplings and we don't lose our customers?

Tai Sen accepted without a second thought and left as soon as the sun set.

At midnight, the Great Serpent appeared, along with its long sharp fangs and poisonous breath. Tai Sen, widely awake as he was not comfortable with the deadly cold atmosphere of the Temple, noticed the appearance of the Serpent.


3.Tai Sen versus Great monster Serpent

At first he freaked out and screamed for help but the villagers who heard his voice were too frightened to give him a hand. Then Tai Sen regained his calmness and grasped a sword on the statue of God's hand to fight against the Serpent. The Serpent breathed out poisonous air from its mouth, but Tai Sen quickly blew it away with his super powerful breath. The Serpent then spitted out fire which burned the whole temple. Tai Sen was fast, he dodged the fire and quickly approached the Serpent's side. In the light of the fire, the Great monster Serpent realized its former master's face. The Serpent was formerly a pet which belonged to the 10th son of God. One day it managed to flee away and now it met its old master. The flashbacks and memories made the Serpent freeze for a second, but that was enough time for Tai Sen to chop off its head.  Tai Sen threw the Serpent's body into the fire. When the body melted, the golden archery appeared in the place of the serpent's melted skin. It was the God's golden archery that the Serpent swallowed in order to manage magical powers.


4.The temple was totally burned by the Serpent's fire

Tai Sen was happy that he survived, running home cheerfully and showed the Serpents' head and the golden archery. He told the story to Ty Zon and he was amazed. Tai Sen was also amazed as the archery was so heavy that no one but him could lift it.

Ty Zon quickly came up with a new plan to trick Tai Sen again. He told Tai Sen:

Oh my, what have you done, my dear brother? The Serpent and the temple that were burned were the Emperor's treasures. The destruction of them would cause a disaster to our family and the village. The Emperor will not let us go with this.

Tai Sen changed his mood immediately from cheerfulness to fearfulness:

How could I suppose to know that? Now what should we do?

Now you have to get away from here, I'll take the responsibility with the Emperor so you can live. That's the least that an older brother can do to save a younger brother.

No, I'll take the responsibilities myself, you don't need to die for me.

It is insulting to me that I cannot fulfill the role of an older brother, you have to understand this.

Tai Sen reluctantly left Ty Zon's house and got back to his parents' home, along with the golden archery.

Ty Zon then took the Serpent's head to the Emperor. The Emperor was amazed, happily assigned Ty Zon to be the General and gave him a lot of money and power. And as promised, the Emperor had his prettiest daughter, princess Xu Ka, to marry Ty Zon.


5.Wealth of Ty Zon exceeded his wildest imagination

Everything was going in the right way for Ty Zon until the day of his marriage. When the bride stepped out of the horse-ride wedding carriage, a monstrously huge Hawk grabbed her and fled away.


6.Astonishing scene of Giant Hawk taking Xu Ka away right in front of everyone's frightened eyes

Tai Sen was then having a break after reaping fruits in his garden. He saw a Hawk with a person seized in its feet, decided to rescue the person. He got his archery and shot at the Hawk. The Hawk immediately noticed the arrow and dodged it. It flew higher into the clouds to get out of Tai Sen's shooting range. Tai Sen tried again but he failed to aim straight to the Hawk as it had got so far away. No other choices, Tai Sen took out his golden archery and aimed straight to the Hawk. Once the arrow was released, it rocketed with an incredible speed and was directed by the magic of the archery straight to the left wing of the Hawk. The monster bird took a wound, quickly got to its cave. Tai Sen followed the Hawk's blood to track for the person, who happened to be princess Xu Ka.


7.Tai Sen shooting the Hawk with his golden archery

At the same time, the Emperor rushed to look for his dear princess. He ordered the General, Ty Zon, to take a military squad to rescue the princess. Ty Zon took his squad and went ask everyone on the way if they had seen the big Hawk. They met Tai Sen on the way, who is also tracking through the blood. Tai Sen cried out happily when he saw Ty Zon still alive:

Brother Ty Zon, you're alive. You're not punished? I'm so happy and relieved to see you again.

Ty Zon was in a rush, but he was still calm enough to deceive Tai Sen:

I was kept in prison to wait for the day of execution. But when the day came, the princess was abducted by a big hawk. The Emperor ordered me to look for the princess as he thought I had some experiences in handling mysterious creatures. If I could find the princess, I can be forgiven for the crimes I took.

Tai Sen uttered delightfully:

What a coincident! If that is the case, then it would not be any easier, since I'm also tracking the hawk. We just have to follow where this blood leads and save the princess.

You never ceased to amaze me, my dear little brother. Please lead the way then.

Tai Sen led the way. At the same time, Ty Zon was creating a new plan in his head to trick Tai Sen again.

As soon as they approached the cave where the hawk hid itself, Tai Sen got in when others stayed out as they were afraid of the darkness and the anticipated danger. Tai Sen found princess Xu Ka on the ground. They immediately fell for each other. Tai Sen was stunned by the princess's beauty, and the princess was struck by Tai Sen's manliness and courage. Xu Ka then promised to herself that she would only marry Tai Sen.

Tai Sen took Xu Ka to the entrance of the cave. Having too much affection and mind for the princess, he forgot to take his golden archery with him. When the princess was safe, Tai Sen realized that he left the archery in the cave and came back to get it. The chance has come for Ty Zon, he let his squad go ahead and take the princess back to the palace, whilst he came back to the cave with Tai Sen. He ordered them:

You guys take the princess to the Emperor, I am going to escort my dear brother to get his treasure back.

Once Tai Sen and Ty Zon were at the cave's entrance, Tai Sen told Ty Zon to wait for him outside and he is going to get in the cave alone. Ty Zon understood his brother so much that he could anticipate Tai Sen would offer so, so he agreed. When Tai Sen got in the cave, Ty Zon blew the cave entrance up with explosives.

Tai Sen, after getting his golden archery, was stuck in the cave and he tried to find a way out. He thought that this had to be the Hawk's doing that he was stuck there. He wandered around and examined every corner of the cave. After a while, Tai Sen found a room where many people were tied to the wall. He untied them. These people happened to be the princes and princesses of the five neighbor countries. They were captured by the Hawk to be its meal, because the Hawk believed that eating the Emperor's children once a year would make it immortal.

8.Tied up princesses

The princes and princesses showed Tai Sen to where the Hawk lived in the cave. The Hawk was found badly wounded, its left wing was completely burned, and blood poured out everywhere. Tai Sen was urged by the princes and princesses to kill the Hawk. But as he had a kind heart, he couldn't go ahead and kill a defenseless creature which was waiting to die. He treated the Hawk with the help of the princes and princesses. The Hawk was healed quickly. It thanked Tai Sen and apologized to the princes and princesses. To return the favor, the Hawk turned into a golden arrow which can pierce and destroy any targets, and the arrow would return to its master when it had destroyed the target.


9.Golden Archery and golden arrow

Tai Sen used his golden archery and golden arrow to destroy the rocks that sealed the cave's entrance. Tai Sen, the princes and princesses escaped. They headed to the Emperor's palace as the princes and princesses offered.

At the same time, Ty Zon was going to get married to princess Xu Ka. Princess Xu Ka, who promised to herself that she would only marry Tai Sen, was so angry when Ty Zon took all Tai Sen's merits that she turned mute. She could not reveal to her father that Ty Zon wasn't the one that deserved all these glory.

On the day of Ty Zon and princess Xu Ka's marriage, the five neighbor countries declared war to the Emperor. The reason was that all 5 countries' oldest princes had all asked for marriage of Xu Ka but they were all denied. The moment princess Xu Ka was done with her makeups was when the 5 countries' armies approached the city's wall.


10.Armies of 5 neighbor countries approached the Emperor's palace

The Emperor did not have any other choices than letting his General take the army and handle the enemies. Ty Zon freaked out as he had no idea how to deal with the situation. But with the pride of a General, he was forced to lead the army and was killed immediately. His body could not keep its shape after he died as countless horses had treaded on it.

The Emperor was so confused and frightened that he could do nothing but praying for luck from God.

And God replied. When the enemies approached the palace, Tai Sen appeared in the middle of chaos, he screamed out loud:

People, please stop. Let me deal with this!

The fighting paused for a second. The voice of Tai Sen frightened everyone as it was louder than the noises of swords and screaming in the war. Tai Sen showed to the crowd the abducted princes and princesses from the five countries that he just saved from the monster Hawk. The armies quickly lifted off their weapons, and bowed to the princes and princesses on their knees. The princes and princesses ordered the armies to stop and retreat right away. They said thank to Tai Sen and headed back to their countries with their armies.

Princess Xu Ka realized her lover, utter "Tai Sen", after a while being mute. The Emperor said thank you to Tai Sen, but he wondered why his daughter knew this hero's name. Tai Sen and princess Xu Ka told the Emperor the whole story, from when Tai Sen killed the Great monster Serpent.


11.Tai Sen and princess Xu Ka got married and lived happily together

The Emperor delightfully accepted Tai Sen as his new son-in law and shortly later, he also gave him his crown and the country. Emperor Tai Sen and his wife Xu Ka then lived happily for ever after. The golden archery and arrow were to serve for the purpose of keeping peace for the land.