The Prince of Sun

Wu, Maoxinyu

This is a story of love, of forgiveness and of virtue. Love is blind, as people always say. It is absolutely true that the lover is the only thing that girls can think of when they are in love. Our heroine white lady is also one of those girls, she is the most beautiful girl in the fantasy village, but she is so shy that people can barely see her face.

Fantasy is a little village in Sun kingdom, it belongs to the family of Sun. King has only one son that is the Prince of Sun. The Prince of Sun deserves all the beautiful words: elegant, handsome, gentle, extraordinary, except his arrogance. The young prince is chasing girls around, or I should say, girls always follow him. Those girls are like sunflowers with their heads face the direction of the young prince. They laugh because of his boring jokes; they cry because of his absence; they wear fancy dress all day long just want to attract his attention. But our hero never takes serious of those girls, because of his pride. He is happy about his popularity, even though he doesn't really care about his followers.



One day, he passed by the fantasy village, and he saw a beautiful figure. She has long hair, with the color of the sunrise. With the gentle breeze, her hair flows, like osiers leaves in the spring. But she crouches her head deeply, so our young prince couldn't see her face. He yells, "Excuse me, beautiful lady! Could I know your name?" That girl doesn't respond. She keeps walking until turns into a small lane and disappears. The prince is very disappointed and really wants to see that girls again. So he went to his father, the Kind of Sun, and tells his father about that girl.

Who do you think that girl is, dear audience? Yes, she is our heroine, White lady. White lady went back to her home and directly walked to her room, closed the door. She suddenly sits on the ground and takes a deep breath. I just saw the prince, the only prince of our country, she thinks, and he asked my name! She just can't believe what just happened. "He is even more handsome than what people described", she talks to herself, "and I am kind of like him."

The king decided to find the girl after listening to his son. He sent out many officers to fantasy village to find that girl.

White lady regrets that she didn't talk to the prince and really wants to see the prince again. So she went on a travel to Sun Castle.

Ironically, when the prince and his officers try so hard to find the white lady in fantasy village, she is actually travelling to the castle in order to see the prince. And when she finally arrives, wandering around the castle, wants to see the prince again, but the prince is actually on the way back to the castle with his broken heart. Our beautiful lady waits for three days and eventually decides to leave. Right after the lady white left, prince's carriage reaches the castle.

Such a pity! They missed each other again. The young prince went back to his old routine, travelling around and chasing different girls. How about white lady? She starts learning cooking. After three years, she is famous of her master-cooking skills and also she likes to wear a mask when she cooks in public. She still loves the prince, but she was very angry because of his romance rumors.

One day, white lady was invited to the castle to cook for the king. Before leaving, she keeps telling herself that the prince has already forgot her, so don't do anything stupid when see the prince. She picks a white silk mask with delicate flower texture; she decides to wear that mask all the time in castle.



During the feast, there are thirty dishes served and all of them are delicious. The king is happy and satisfied, so he asked to see the chef. When the white lady walks in the palace, her beauty attracts everybody even though they can't see her face entirely. Her blond hair shines under the sunshine and flows gently. Her eyes are like stars in the sky. The prince stands up at the first moment, he runs into her way. When the White lady sees the prince, she stops walking and crunches her head just like last time. The prince shouts out, "Do you know how hard it was to find you? Do you know you stole my heart? I can't even breathe right now, who are you? Are you an angel from the heaven?"

The white lady is too nervous to say a word, she quickly passed out. When she wakes up, she is already on a fancy bed. She could see several lace decorations and silk flowers covers the surface of the quilt. Then she turns her head to the right, she sees the smiling face of the prince. "How do you feel right now? I was worried about you," says the prince. "I am totally fine right now; don't worry about me," White lady answers.

The prince smiles and leaves, he is afraid of scaring the lady again, so he decides to come back the next day. Our beautiful heroine, she falls to deep thinking after prince's leaving: why did he left? Did I behave right? Eventually she realizes that she couldn't figure out these questions just by herself and gradually falls asleep.

It is a really strange dream, even though she knows she is in sleep. She marries the prince and they have a real big wedding. All the people in their country come to the wedding and give their congratulations to them. She smiles like a newborn happy baby. They look at each other and kiss. Suddenly, the prince shows terrified when look at her, people shout out and all run away. She is now alone stand in the center of the church. She cries because she didn't know what just happened. There is a voice floating from the roof of the room, "Dear lady, are you ok?" She opens her eyes and notices it was a dream. Prince is standing next to her right now, with a worrying face.



"You cried, what just happened?" the young prince asks. "I just had a horrible dream", answers the white lady. "Really? What about that dream?" he keep asking.  White lady hesitates for a little while, finally she says, "I dreamed that I lost you forever". The prince looks surprised, and he seems to be pretty happy about her answer. He gets down to her level and says right next to her ear: "I would never leave you alone, my sweetheart. Could you take off your silk mask for me? I really want to see your face." White lady takes off her mask and looks at the prince. The prince is captivated by her delicate face and could not say a word. White lady has the most white and soft skin in the world. Her big eyes with light brown pupils shines like diamonds. White lady blushes, ask the prince, "Would you love me forever?" 

"Yes, my beautiful lady, thousand times of yes", the prince says gently.

They get married and have a big weeding like what white lady dreamed. But different is, nobody left her. The white lady moves into the Sun castle and only cooks for the family of the Sun.  The Castle of Sun is the nearest place to the sun in the world. Everybody in the Sun family loves the sun, that's why they name themself as the family of Sun. 

Prince often takes the white lady out with him; they play in the grant garden under sunshine. Sometimes, white lady feels burn when under sunshine. But she doesn't take it serious and thinks it's not a big deal.

Days went by, they have lived together for three months. The white lady start to observe little freckles on her face and her skin is not as white as before. At the same time, the prince rarely takes her out. He always leaves home early in the morning when she is still sleeping and goes back late in the night when she already falls asleep. They barely talk to each other. The prince doesn't even want to look at her face anymore. White lady feels so lost and cries all the time. One night, when the prince comes back, she turns on the light and asks the prince, "Do you still love me?" The prince is shocked at the first time, and he sneers, saying, "I am so glad that you finally ask me. I don't love you anymore. Look at your ugly face, do you even love yourself. Get out of my castle right now! You, ugly women!"

White lady cries and quickly runs out of the castle. She finds a traveling carriage in the town and rides back to her home. She is so sad and couldn't stop crying. She cries for entire three days without eating and eventually passes out. Her parents take care of her until she wakes up. She wants to a new start and goes back to her cooking business again.

The prince also goes back to his past routine; he starts to travel from town to town to find new girls.

I have to say, it is a pretty fair ending so far, and everybody goes back to his or her own normal routine. White lady enjoy cooking that she could transfer her attention from the lost of love to the cooking process. The prince likes chasing girls. He thinks it is more free to travel around and experience different kinds of romances. People talk about this story as a joke, they feel sorry for the beautiful lady, but they don't really think what the prince have done deserves punishment. Girls still love the prince; they think the prince is charming because he has the power to let the white lady fall in love with him. They all start to wear a mask, and hide from sunshine, because they want to look like the white lady. Some of them even dye their hair as blond as white lady. Almost every girl in the country wears white dress with a white silk mask, except White lady herself. Our white lady decided to have a little change, well, I mean, a really big change. She goes out and enjoy the sunshine all day long; she tears all her white clothes and masks. Magically, her hair becomes black and her skin looks like the color of the wheat. I have to say, she looks much more healthy right now. She stars to laugh a lot and say hi to everybody who passes by.

Boys who were admired of her beauty before, find out she is such an outgoing girl right now, so they all come to show their love to her. The white lady suddenly becomes the most popular girl in the country because other girls all look the same. She receives thousands of letters and flowers every day, but she refuses all the time. Her followers don't give up; they ask to stay as friend with her. Our white lady doesn't become proud because of this, she is nice to people around as usual.

The prince has heard he story of the white lady, he really want to have a look to her new appearance. Because of the curiosity, he travels to the fantasy village secretly. He stays in the hotel right next to white lady's house. In the afternoon, the white lady goes out to enjoy the sunshine in her yard. Her black long hair shines under the sunshine and flows with the breeze. Her laughter is like the sound of river. Her big smiles attract all his attention. The prince is addicted to white lady again, however, he decides to leave at last. He regrets what he has done, but he decides to move on. There are still many girls in the world, he thinks. So he goes away.