The Magic Mirror

Weijue Wang


"Mirror! Mirror! Am I the most beautiful woman in the world?" says the witch. She is a lonely witch, living on a high mountain. Unlike other witches in the world, she has no magical power, but a magic mirror. She has no one to communicate with, except her magic mirror. She asks the mirror this same question everyday, but the mirror never responded.

One day, the witch asks the same question again. As before, the mirror does not respond. Although the mirror does not give her the answer, she still looks into the mirror confidently and thinks that she is the most beautiful woman in the world. However, the silent house still drives the witch crazy. She cannot endure the loneliness anymore and decides to come down to the ordinary society and look at people's lives there.


She put on her makeup and goes down to the little town that stands besides the mountain. In a street, the witch sees a little boy drop an apple on the ground. She picks it up and gives the apple back to the little boy. The little boy wants to say thank you to her, but when he looks at the witch's face, he screams out loudly. Obviously, the witch scares him. The boy's screaming attracts many people's attention. When these people see the witch's face, some of them are screaming and running away, and some of them even faint. One man shouts, "Run! Run away! There is an ugly demon! She is going to eat us!"

Other people shout, "She has a horse face! Snake skin! Pig nose! She must be the demon who is going to destroy our town!"

The witch is frightened too. She stays quietly at where she met the boy. "I just wanted to help him, I... I just want ... just want a friend," the witch hiccupped out her grievance with tears.

Shortly after, people are running back. The witch feels a tingle of happiness. "Are they coming back to make friends with me?" the witch asks herself.

She is totally wrong, People are coming back with a monk, who is really good at Kungfu and has the magical power to harm anything he wants. Without doubt, the monk fights with the witch. Although the witch gets injured badly, she still uses her weapon, which is the magic mirror, and kills the monk.

The witch comes back to her house angrily. She denounced vengeance against these people. She disguises herself with silk scarf and walked around the town. Whenever she hears people say who is pretty or nice, she will abduct them. She imprisons them and uses her magic mirror turn their faces from pretty to ugly. These women become her maids. 


The witch finally got more people into her house, but she still feels lonely. She disguises herself and comes down to the town again. She sees lots of sweet couples on the street, and is wondering if she could get a handsome husband too. Suddenly, She sees a guy smiling to his fiancé. The witch find herself unable to move her eyes away from the guy. She starts following him, and finds that in spite of his sunny smile, he also has a unique voice. His name is Jun, and his beautiful fiancée called Yinyin, who is the most beautiful girl in the town.  


The witch's jealousy drives her crazy. She follows them to their home, and breaks into the door. She uses her magic mirror to switch Yinyin's and her faces, but Yinyin still possesses her beautiful dark eyes. "Now, her beauty is mine, do you still love her?" the witch says, "you have two choices, one is to be my husband and Yinyin shall be our maid, or you are going to live with her dead body from now on." The witch seizes Yinyin's throat, then looks at Jun. He looks at Yinyin's eyes, and he knows that he has no choice. Finally, Jun and Yinyin come to the witch's house.

The witch abuses Yinyin and asks her to do all the housework. In contrast, the witch gives Jun the most delicious food, and the most comfortable bed. Although Yinyin makes them food and organizes the house, she only got to eat the leftovers, and sleep on the floor. When Yinyin does something wrong or does the dishes slow, she will be tortured. Jun cannot eat and sleep while looking at Yinyin suffering the pain.



The witch still comes down to the town everyday to disfigure people's appearances. While the witch is not at home, Jun helps Yinyin to do all the housework, in order to help Yinyin avoid the suffering. Although they are tired everyday, they can still feel a little sense of happiness. When they are squatting on the corner, Jun looks at Yinyin and says to her, "I will never leave you alone. I will find the way to escape." Yinyin's dark eyes are flashing. Though her appearances changed, her dark eyes are still so beautiful and honest. Jun gives Yinyin a warm hug and Yinyin believes that Jun will save all of the people here. They cry for a long time.

Suddenly, an old fairy appears in the house. "The witch is my youngest daughter, and she is so ugly because she had a weird illness when she was a baby. I sent her to this mountain to retreat, in order not to scare anybody," says the fairy in tears, "she has no magical powers and her only weapon is her magic mirror, which is the toy I gave her when she was three years old." Jun and Yinyin all sympathize with the witch's experience.



"My child, I should never leave you alone on this mountain. You are so lonely! All the bad things you have done are caused by me! I will never forgive myself!" They old fairy cannot stop crying.

Both Yinyin and Jun feel sad about the witch's story, however, what they care the most about is how to escape from here.

The old fairy understands their thoughts. She says to Jun, "you need to get a bowl of tears from you and your fiancée, and then splash it to the mirror. Then you just need to look at the mirror, and your beauty will come back." After fairy's words, she disappears in the house.

Jun and Yinyin wring out the rag, which had already stored all of their tears, and all of their tears come into a bowl. They decide to hide the bowl and find a time to splash it to the mirror.

When the witch comes back, they find her seriously wounded. She falls down to the floor, and blood spread out from her body.



The witch says weakly, "When I was coming back, I saw lots of monsters that are coming from hell. The guardian of hell lost control. They are coming to destroy the town." As Jun and Yinyin are still shocked by the blood, the witch gives her mirror to the Jun. "You must use your and Yinyin's tears to change the mirror in order to make everybody returns to normal, and then guide them run away from here as soon as possible! "Says the witch, "Remember, this mirror can only be used for one hour." Although the witch did some bad thing to lots of people, when people are facing the death, her warm heart still pushes her to save them.

Jun says, "Save it for me later. I will fight for our town and then use it."

Everybody else in the house also is moved by the witch. "No, we are not leaving! We are going to protect our town!" Although they don't have the beautiful appearance, their hearts are still warm and kind. 



They gather all the people in the town. People collect different weapons. The old fairy's family comes to help too. As they are ready to fight, they hear a loud explosion. They think the monsters are coming, but in reality, it's the sound of the explosion of the witch's house.

The witch guides everybody down to the town, but her blood attracts the monsters up to her house on the mountain. She knows that her mirror is not powerful enough to kill the monster. In order to protect the mirror and the people in the town, she buried the mirror under the tree near her house, and leaves a note to Jun, her mother and all the people that she had hurt before. She blows herself up attacking the monsters in her house. Dust rises and blood spreads out.

When the old fairy closes her eyes, she can see her daughter's body was exploded, and different parts of her body as well as the bodies of monsters are falling down to the ground. The old fairy closes her eyes, cries loud, and tells the story to the people around her.

Jun runs up to the mountain and finds the mirror and her note. Jun uses tears to change the mirror, and change the people's appearance one by one. Because there are so many people that want to return to their beauty, Yinyin becomes the last one to look at the mirror. When Yinyin finally gets the chance to look at the mirror, her appearance does not change at all. The witch's voice suddenly crosses their minds, "Remember, this mirror could only work for one hour." The mirror runs out of the power, and the Yinyin will never returns to her beautiful appearance. Yinyin cannot control her emotion anymore, she cries loudly.


Jun Looks at Yinyin's dark eyes, says, "no matter what happens to you, you are still the most beautiful girl in my heart."

After few days, they get married. Jun works very hard, and Yinyin takes care of the housework. They are the sweetest couple in the town.

In order to remember the witch, people in the town build her a temple, and worship her there every year.

Far away from this town, in a fairy family, a baby girl is born. She is cute and beautiful. When she is one year old, she receives a unique mirror as the birthday gift from her mother.     

"Mirror! Mirror! Am I the most beautiful girl in the world?" asks the little girl.