The Legend of Mit(Episode1)


Dylan Dangerfield


A long time ago there was a man named Mit. Mit lived in the village of White Bear near the heart of the jungle. Everyone in the village loved him and he had many friends. The people admired his work ethic, as he was the most skilled harvester of bananas that anyone had ever seen. Banana harvesting  was extremely dangerous and one time his lack of caution nearly cost him his life.

When Mit was in the jungle gathering his bananas, he had forgotten to secure his machinery down properly and caused him to slip and fall and become trapped beneath his truck. Mit called desperately for help, but nobody could hear him. He looked to his trusty sidekick Rovert the ape for help, but Rovert simply shrugged his shoulders and said, "I am merely an ape. I can't help you."



Mit remained trapped under the truck for days and only stayed alive because Rovert was able to bring him water and feed him bananas. Mit asked Rovert to go get help, but Rovert again responded, " I am merely an ape. Who am I to leave the safety of the jungle?"

Mit yelled out to Conpipes, "Please help me!"


As Mit was about to give up hope, another villager named Conpipes came running through. Conpipes was the strongest man in the village and made the other men look like little boys with his brute strength and raw muscle mass that he possessed.

Conpipes looked at the car, laughed and said, "That will be no problem for my large arms!" In one swift motion, Conpipes ripped the large vehicle off of Mit and threw it like a ragdoll. Mit was very grateful and he was indebted to Conpipes for saving his life.

Although Mit was very well liked by his friends and family, and was admired for his incredible work ethic, he always wanted something more. Everyday Mit would look in the mirror and wish that he could be more beautiful and have the incredible arms that Conpipes possessed. Mit would ask Conpipes if there was anything he could do to look like him. 



Conpipes would say, " There is nothing that can be done. I am one finely tuned machine." Mit's confidence in his work did not carry over into his social life, because he was so ashamed of how ugly he was. He was so depressed that Rovert became very concerned. When Mit would discuss his appearance with him, Rovert would try to cheer him up by saying he was as beautiful as the best looking primate. "Don't think of yourself as an ugly person, but instead think of yourself as a beautiful monkey" he would say, but this did not comfort Mit.

One day while Mit was hard at work harvesting, something magical happened. When Mit was walking to the next tree he planned to pick, a bunny darted across his path. Because Mit had his hands full of bananas, he was unable to see the bunny and he stepped on it. The bunny let out a low deafening rumble and it startled Mit.

 Mit apologized, "I'm sorry I didn't see you there bunny. Are you alright?" 

 The bunny replied, "Yes, actually Mit it is you that is going to be alright."

Puzzled Mit asked, "What do you mean bunny? Life has been difficult for me because the gods did not bless me with a beautiful face or the strong arms that Conpipes has. I will never find a woman to marry." 

"Well Mitt" the bunny started, "The gods have heard your desperate pleas. They too realized that you are so heinous looking that it would be hard for you to find a woman to marry so they sent me here to help you change your life. I am a magical bunny, and anyone that steps on me will be granted one wish."

Without even a moments hesitation Mit knew what he wanted. He said to the bunny, "Make me into the most beautiful man, with the face of an angel and arms of a Conpipes."

The bunny said, "Are you sure Mit? You can have anything you want. You could ask for an army of Roverts if you wish."

Mit scoffed. "Rovert is a dear friend, but what good would an army of monkeys do me? Please make me beautiful!"


"As you wish Mit" and with the wriggle of his nose, the bunny transformed Mit into the most beautiful man that anyone had ever laid eyes upon. After taking a moment to admire his transformation the bunny exclaimed, "Now that thing is nice! Because you look so nice, I have decided to change your name to complete the transformation. You are no longer deserving of a humble name like Mit. Instead you shall be called Tim as a reflection of your accentuating beauty."

The bunny then darted off and left Tim alone in the jungle. Tim continued his work and as the day came to an end he decided to pack up and head home. Tim approached Rovert to say goodbye, but as he came close Rovert became very afraid.  He did not recognize the beautiful man standing before him.

Tim called to Rovert, "Rovert it's me Mit! I look a lot better now."

Rovert shook his head in disbelief. "No, you are not Mit. He was too ugly. There is no way that he can be you." With fear in his eyes, Rovert disappeared into the depths of the jungle. Deeply saddened at the loss of his best friend, Tim returned to White Bear.

Upon his arrival into the village, Tim was immediately showered with attention. Every woman in the village took notice of his beauty and they surrounded him.

"Tim!" all the women screamed, "Marry me!"

Tim was so excited by all this attention that he soon became obsessed with the attention. Everyday women would line up outside Tim's door and beg him to take them out on a date. Women from all over the village threw themselves at Tim's feet. Eventually this power went to Tim's head.

Everyday he would look into the mirror and tell himself, "I am the most beautiful thing in the world. I look better than even the most beautiful princesses. There is no woman that can measure up to me. I will only love myself."

With every passing day Tim's affection for himself grew worse. He no longer left the house because he couldn't stand the thought of the ugliness of the world around him. Conpipes noticed this and became worried about his dear friend. Every time he gazed out his window to the sight of thousands of women trying to break into Tim's house, Conpipes became very sad.

"I cannot let Tim destroy all of his friendships" he remarked to himself, referring to the men's anger towards Tim because he was taking their wives. Fed up with this horrible situation, Conpipes set off to find Rovert. He thought that together they could figure out how to cure Tim and return him to the Mit that everyone loved.

Rovert explained to Conpipes everything that Tim had told him about the bunny. Conpipes decided that the only thing they could do would be to find the bunny and ask him what to do. However, as the two set off into the jungle, Anne Marie and Ingy, two of the most beautiful women in White Bear, caught wind of Conpipes plan.

"We must find this magical bunny before they do!" Anne Marie exclaimed. "If they get him, Tim will be that ugly Mit again and we will not have a man beautiful enough to marry. My brother will not allow me to marry anyone other than Tim."

So the two of them laid bunny traps all over the jungle hoping that they could catch the magical bunny before Conpipes could find him.  No woman could stand the thought of being apart from Tim.

After days of searching, Conpipes and Rovert still had no trace of the bunny. Rovert was becoming more and more impatient with each passing second. "I am merely an ape" he said, "and this is no job for me."

Conpipes wouldn't give up. "We must save Mitt. He is our friend and we cannot let him destroy the village. The other men are angry and I believe they will kill him if he does not return their women."

No sooner had he finished speaking, when all of a sudden they heard a loud bang come from the heart of the jungle.

"That sounded like a trap!" Conpipes shouted as the two took off toward the origin of the sound. When they rounded the corner they couldn't believe their luck. There lie the magical bunny enclosed in a trap.

The bunny cried out, "Help me! You must let me go! If the wrong person gets ahold of my magical power, the village of White Bear is doomed."

Right then, Anne Marie and Ingy came running around the corner. "Step away from the bunny!" Ingy yelled. "We have traveled far for that bunny and it will not transform Tim back into Mit. I have left my husband Dominic for Tim. He is the love of my life and nothing will come in between us!"

"Magical bunny," Conpipes pleaded, "You must help us change Tim back into Mit! He has become mad with his power and the village is in disarray. Every woman loves Tim and all of their husbands want to kill him. You must help us."

"I will help you if you set me free" replied the bunny. 

The girls tried to fight Conpipes, but he simply flexed one time and they ran away screaming. Conpipes and Rovert then freed the magical bunny.  The three of them rushed back to White Bear to find that the situation was even worse. All of the men were surrounding Tim's house armed with torches and pitchforks. Tim held all the women inside and just yelled out the window "I look good!"

Quickly Conpipes broke into the house and threw all the women aside. Tim put up quite a struggle but the incredible strength of Conpipes pipes managed to pin him down. He grabbed Tim's foot and forced it upon the bunny.  Instantly Tim's beauty vanished and the Mit of old returned. All of the men were happy and the women disappointed. Mit's friends were happy that he had returned to his kind self.

"We are so happy that you came back to us Mit. We didn't like Tim very much" they said. "He was too cocky and he wasn't a good friend."

"I suppose you are right" Mit said. "I was just so sick of being ugly. I wanted to find a wife.'