The Animal Whisperer

Matthew Blaine


There once was a boy named Little John who lived in the Mystical Woods. Little John lived in the woods with his mother and younger brother. Now Little John was a very strong and smart young boy, he could do anything if he tried hard enough. His friends and family always thought something was different about Little John, but they could never figure out what exactly it was. All of the people of Little John's hometown knew that he and his family did not belong there, but no one ever said anything to him or his family, they just gave him weird looks and gossiped about him daily.



Little John could run faster than the white-tailed deer and he could fight and kill a bear with his bare hands. All of the townspeople knew of the miraculous things that this young boy was capable of and there weren't any secrets kept from them, except the question of why and how he could do these things.

When Little John was newly born the king's men took his father. The king did this because he wanted all of the power of the kingdom to himself. Little John's father was Richard, the Lord of the Mystical Woods. Now the King demanded for Lord Richard to surrender himself numerous times, but Richard denied the King's demands numerous times. The King wanted Lord Richard so badly because he knew he was blessed by the Gods.

Lord Richard could turn those things that he laid his hands on into gold, not only could he do that, but he had the knowledge to build and rule a kingdom greater than anyone that has ever existed. Richard also knew what it took to destroy the greatest kingdom ever also. Richard also possessed immortal life and so did both of his sons.

One day the King was at his castle and a traveler passed by and needed a place to stay for the night, so the King let him stay but he made the traveling man stay in the barn with the animals. Little did the King know that this traveler was the Great White Wizard that was sent as a messenger from the Gods, disguised as a homeless looking man. The next day the King woke the traveler up, not knowing of his true identity, the King questioned him about why he was traveling about his land. The Wizard told the King that he bears a very important message that must be delivered to the Lord of the Mystical Woods. The King knew where this man lived but also knew not to interfere because Lord Richard was blessed by the Gods and he knew that the Gods kept careful watch over him. Before the King directed the traveler on his way he asked the man if he could hear what this message was, but the Wizard explained to him that if anything interfered with the message from being delivered the Gods will cast a plague throughout the land for forty years. So the King sent the traveler on his way and had one of his own spies follow the traveler to the Mystical Woods to retrieve the message.



When the Wizard reached the home of Lord Richard he was welcomed in by Richard and his wife and their newly born son Little John. Richard's wife, the Lady of the Mystical Woods got the Wizard a fresh change of clothes and had her maidens bathe him. After this was all finished the Lady of the Woods prepared a feast and the four of them, including the baby Little John, sat and feasted and drank all day and night. As the night was winding down, the Wizard took Lord Richard aside and thanked him for the wonderful meal and hospitality. The Wizard explained to Lord Richard that when the King took him in he was forced to sleep in a pile of manure in the barn and was not given any food or a change of clothes. But when he came to the Mystical Woods to Richard's home he was welcomed, fed, bathed and given new clothes and a warm bed to sleep in. The Wizard went on to say that because of this, the Gods have chosen you to be the new King of the land and that your older brother who is the current King will be forced to step down or exiled from the land. Lord Richard was very shocked by this news and didn't know how to respond to the Wizard.

Meanwhile the spy that the King had sent to follow the Wizard was in the next room at Richard's home eavesdropping on the conversation between the two. The Gods were very aware of this spy who was listening to the conversation between Richard and the Wizard. So in response to this disobedience of the Wizard's words from the King, the Gods sent out a plague throughout the King's land but not throughout the Mystical Woods and the land of Lord Richard. The King's spy returned to the castle and told his King of the news and the King was so distraught he did not know what to do.

Back in the Mystical Woods, the Wizard was on his way and Lord Richard was telling his wife of this news. They were both very confused of this all of a sudden happening and also scared of what the King will do if he finds out.

The King back at his castle paced and pondered for days of what he could do to make sure that his younger brother, the Lord of the Woods, would not become the King of the Land. After days of thought the King came up with a solution and he had decided that the only way to make the plague go away and to ensure that his younger brother doesn't take the crown, was to kidnap Richard.

The King was so happy and thought that this plan was a very smart plan. The King sent an army of soldiers to the Mystical Woods to kidnap Lord Richard. The King instructed his army of a specific way to ensure that Lord Richard will be powerless. The King explained that the only way to kidnap his younger brother was to sneak up on him when he is bathing in the lagoon during the night. He went on to tell his men that if they do this and take his sword when it is not on him, Lord Richard will be defenseless and powerless. So the army was sent off to carry out this task requested by the King.



When the army reached the lagoon in the Mystical woods they snuck up on Lord Richard and confiscated his sword and took him captive. They brought Lord Richard back to the castle to live with his older brother, the King. The Gods were livid by this but they couldn't do anything to help because Lord Richard was without his sword and he was held captive in the castle where no one could get to him except for the King. The mighty king did not know this and he angered the God's greatly by kidnapping Richard. The God's decided to have a meeting concerning the kidnapping of their favorite and most important human on earth. They thought and they thought and thought, and tried to come up with a plan to save Richard and punish the King. Years passed and Lord Richard remained captive under the King. As the years went on Little John grew bigger and bigger, and he grew stronger and more intelligent each day.

The Gods watched their favorite son of Lord Richard became a man and they finally decided that it was time for Little John to be granted the powers and gifts that his father had once possessed. One day Little John was bathing in the lagoon in the Mystical Woods where his father was kidnapped years ago. The Gods kept careful and watchful eyes and Little John and they knew his whereabouts on a day-to-day basis. On this particular day they sent one of their daughters disguised as a beautiful princess to give Little John his powers. As Little John was bathing in the lagoon the beautiful princess approached him and gave him a golden bow and told him that with this golden bow he will have great powers and he will now be called the Great Animal Whisperer, the Lord of the Woods. The princess explained to him that he must go rescue his dad and if Little John does so, when he returns, she will be waiting to be his bride.

Little John was surprised by all this new information and the golden bow that he was given. With this gift from the Gods, he could now do anything he wanted to. The powers that John was given allowed him to turn into whatever creature he desired.



The next day Little John set out on his new mission to rescue his father from the King's castle. He was very excited to finally meet his father and use his new powers given to him from the Gods. Before Little John reached the castle he turned himself into an eagle so he could fly around the castle to get a view of everything and to hopefully find out where they were keeping his father. After he flew around in the form of an eagle he landed out of sight outside the castle and then decided to turn into a wild stallion. John approached the castle gates as a wild stallion, the King saw this and being a very arrogant man he ordered to take the wild stallion in and for it to be trained for his personal horse. Little John being the intelligent man that he is knew that the King would do exactly that, so everything was going as planned for Little John.

When the Kings' men put Little John as a wild stallion into the stable in the castle walls he waited until dark, then he then turned into a mouse. John did this because he knew that if he turned back into human form as himself, everyone would recognize him and make a big deal out of his presence in the castle. So Little John climbed walls and stairs and squeezed through little cracks in the wall searching for his father. After countless hours of searching through the night he found his father in the King's secret bedroom. Little John entered the room and turned into human form and approached the bed where his father was sleeping. He woke his father as quietly as possible without waking anyone. Little John and his father were so happy to see each other that they stood there in each other's arms for quite some time and embraced each other. Finally Little John spoke up and told his father that they must escape tonight, so he turned both himself and his father into mice and Little John led the way as they ran under door cracks and down walls leaving the castle as fast as they could. They finally made it to the stable where Little John turned himself into an eagle and his father a fish. Little John took off escaping the castle with his father in his talons in the form of a fish, when they returned to the lagoon Little John turned them both back into human form.

When they changed back into humans the beautiful princess appeared to Little John with tears of joy rolling down her face. Little John embraced the beautiful princess and they kissed on the shores of the lagoon under the moonlight. As they kissed they both disappeared into the sky and were never seen again in human form. Some people of the Mystical Woods say that on every full moon each month you can see two wild stallions running together across the night sky. Others say that they have seen two eagles nesting together in a tree overlooking the Mystical Woods. Richard returned to his home where he remained the Lord of the Mystical woods and raised his other son with his wife.