The Adventures of Goldi

Trevor Barth

A long time ago, as the legend has been passed down, there was a young boy named Goldi who lived with his parents. They lived happily together in a small village outside of the city where the young boy attended school with his classmates. Ever since Goldi was a little boy he had been known to keep to himself. He often talked about his imaginary friend, Jacob that no one believed to exist. This obviously made him stand out at school, as the other children continually teased him and made fun of him. He learned to ignore the other kids as Jacob assured him that he was real and that Goldi was chosen specially by the gods to be the only one capable of seeing Jacob. He tried to convince his parents that Jacob was real but they did not listen to anything he had to say.



As Goldi grew older and became really close with Jacob he wondered why the gods chose him and why Jacob even hung around. So one day he mustered up the courage to ask Jacob and the conversation began: "Jacob, why was it that I was chosen to have the ability to see you?". Jacob replied: "You see, it is because it is your destiny to aid me one day when I am going to need your help", "But why are you here in the first place and what can I possibly do that you will need my help with that is so important?" Goldi asked. The conversation carried on with Goldi continuing to grill Jacob about why he was there and how he could possibly be of assistance but Jacob many times left Goldi unsatisfied with vague answers.

Throughout the years Goldi often assumed that Jacob was sent by the gods in order to look out for him, as a guardian angel. There were many instances where Goldi would be caught in a bind but Jacob would always be there with his special powers to bail him out. As far as Goldi knew Jacobs's special powers were endless, he assumed there was nothing that Jacob could not achieve. This baffled him more as to why Jacob would ever need his help with anything since he was just a lowly human being. With that in mind, as Goldi grew older he became less cautious about the consequences of his actions as he knew Jacob would always be there to bail him out if need be. This led him down a terrible path and he soon became disliked by everyone in the village.

Goldi began picking fights with kids at school, stealing from other neighbors, spreading false rumors about other kids, and so on. Jacob noticed this and soon became tired of always bailing him out of these situations. Jacob even warned Goldi that he would lose his power to see Jacob if he kept going down the road that was getting him into all of this trouble. As Goldi fell asleep one evening he had a dream where a white unicorn came to him from the clouds and told him a story about an old man. This old man prevented a war from happening by simply doing good works. The unicorn continued to tell him that this man was gradually loved by all and became very influential that he was able to convince the leaders of the two countries that war was not necessary. He awoke from this dream a changed person and learned that doing good works was necessary for the sake of humanity.



The day after this dream occurred he went around to all of those people who he had hurt before and apologized for his actions. If he had stolen from them he returned the items in pristine condition. Slowly day-by-day he earned a better reputation around the village and began to be trusted by everyone. Just as things were starting to turn around for Goldi things took a turn for the worse. Jacob soon left for days, sometimes weeks at a time, to attend to business unknown by Goldi. Goldi at first did not think much of it until it came to the point where he would only see his best friend once, maybe twice a year. This saddened Goldi and he became so depressed that he finally asked what Jacob was doing all this time and why he was never around anymore. Once again Jacob left him unsatisfied with his vague answers. He told him that it was matters that did not pertain to him and he should not worry about it. 

This made Goldi wonder even more what Jacob had been up to and only strengthened his curiosity.  Eventually it got to the point where Goldi decided to take matters into his own hands and made the decision to follow Jacob in order to find out once and for all what he was up to. As Jacob prepared to leave on one of his adventures Goldi packed his things and headed out with Jacob making sure to stay far enough behind so as to not be seen. Little did Goldi know that this adventure would change his life forever. After traveling for what seemed like weeks Goldi arrived at the top of a mountain peak where he found Jacob standing there talking with a group of people. This threw him for a loop when he noticed how intimidating everyone seemed. He ignored the fact that if he was caught, Jacob might not be able to bail him out. This did not deter him and so he hid behind a rock close enough so that he could overhear what was being said amongst the group members.

After eavesdropping for a few hours Goldi began to understand the dilemma that Jacob and those other men were facing. He concluded that Jacob and these "imaginary beings" were sent by the gods in order to protect the world from any outside danger. Along with that Goldi learned that in a matter of months the world was going to be without any water due to a drastic heat wave caused by the explosion of a nearby star. This entire time that Jacob was away these men had been constructing a plan to build a protective shield that could be launched into space and deflect the heat wave that would undoubtedly wipe out the entire source of water. This frightened Goldi to the point where he ran down the mountain and back to his home so he could tell his family and friends.



However, no one believed Goldi when he told him or her of a story about how he travelled to a mountaintop and listened to his imaginary friend talk about how the world was going to end in a matter of months. This infuriated Goldi because he knew he was right and wanted to warn the people about this disaster. Goldi was flustered and did not know what to do so when Jacob returned he hounded him with questions and concerns. Jacob was mad that he followed him up to the mountaintop and overheard his conversation but he understood why Goldi did it. So Jacob calmed Goldi down and explained all of the details to him over a well-rounded meal. After hearing all that Jacob had to say he did not feel assured that this plan of his was going to work. Especially since Jacob, as well as all of those other men are only imaginary and could not build the shield themselves.

As Goldi fell asleep to the thought of what was going to happen in the following months he had another dream. Once again a white unicorn appeared to him from the clouds and told him he was to build this protective shield in order to save the world. When Goldi woke from this dream he remembered years earlier when Jacob told him of a time when he was going to need his help and knew from then that this was his destiny. He then wondered whether this task could be done in time and if he was going to be capable of completing such a task. He would need the help of others and Goldi frankly had no idea who was going to help him since he could not even convince his parents that he was telling the truth about Jacob and this disaster. So Goldi set out on a mission to find someone that could help him build this shield that only his imaginary friend knew how to build.

As he went from town to town in search of another helping hand he came across a young very attractivewomen in the market place that caught his attention. He noticed that she was talking to an older man and the conversation seemed to be heating up but people kept giving her weird looks as if she was crazy. This excited Goldi because this meant that he might not be the only one who can see these "other" beings that everyone says do not exist. So without waiting any longer he approached them and struck up a conversation. He learned that her name was Jessica and the man she was talking to was friends with Jacob and could only be seen by her and Goldi. After discussing for a while Goldi learned that she too was looking for someone to help build this shield, so they then decided to begin work immediately. 

Now that they had found each other they headed back to Goldi's home where he had already begun gathering supplies for thisproject.



They worked night and day in order to construct this and the more time they spent together the more they realized their love foreach other. They agreed one night that they needed to put their love off in order to finish the shield in time. As the deadline neared closer they worked themselves even harder, as they have only slept a few hours in the past weeks. At last they had finally finished all the preparations and launched the shield into space. As the towns people stood around they all laughed and joked at how hard they worked at this project, all because some "imaginary people" told them to do so. But this did not hinder the two as they knew what they had been doing was right.

A few evenings later in the middle of the night the sky lit up as if it was noon and the temperature rose exponentially in the following minutes. This woke everyone up and brought all the villagers outside to see what was going on. As they gazed up at the light they saw the shield reflecting the heat waves emitted by the exploding star. As Goldi and Jessica watched their project work to perfection they smiled. They both gave each other a look as though they both knew that deep down what they did was worth the humiliation and torment they experienced along the way. The townspeople immediately ventured over to Goldi and Jessica to express their gratitude and appreciation for all their hard work. They expressed deeply their apologies as well seeing that they were unfair in judging them without knowing the whole story. Jacob and the rest of the group thanked them deeply as well and mentioned that if they ever needed anything in the future they would do everything in their power to help them. After all they could not done this without the hard work of Goldi and Jessica. 




Not too long after the event occurred Goldi and Jessica picked up their love for each other right where they left off and decided to get married. However when news of this story spread people came from all over the world in order to thank them for the extreme efforts they went through. This interfered greatly with their lives, as they grew tired of all the visitors and attention they were receiving. Goldi and Jessica were people who have been used to keeping to themselves all their lives and the attention they were receiving bothered them. Thus they decided a solution to this was to move away. With their love still as strong as it had ever been they said goodbye to all of their friends and family and headed out to a small house on a lake where they spent the rest of their lives in each other's arms.