Thanh Giong: A son of God

Mai Duong


Once upon a time, there was a country where people did not live happily, but were always in poverty and misery. Because their lives were so miserable and difficult, they always hoped that someone would come to save their country from the dominance of the cruel and violent king. Years by years, they had been waiting and praying to God with all their hearts and minds, but there was no any miracle happened to their country. They kept living in difficulties without any complaints since they strongly believed that God would hear and see them from the Heaven soon. Every day, the King's soldiers came to all villages and houses to plunder almost everything that the families worked all days and nights to earn. If one family did not give food, treasuries, jewelries, or anything the soldiers wanted, all the members in that family would have to die or to be beaten to dead by the thick rope. Not only did the soldiers take assets away from the families, but they also had their eyes on beautiful girls and tried to get those girls for them or brought back to the King to get rewarded. Those terrible things happened every day and night that made people feel scared and resentful. They wanted to stand up and take over the King, because he did not bring any good things to people's lives during his era. However, they were not powerful and wealthy enough to prepare equipment for the revolution or a war to fight against the well-prepared and strong troops of the King. Therefore, they worked hard and prayed diligently every night to the God with a strong hope that one day Gods in Heaven would hear them and respond to them with a specific action.

As the time passed, Gods in Heaven finally listened to prays of people in that country. Gods saw them working hard every day and suffering through those terrible things that the King and his soldiers caused to them. Eventually, Gods were so angry at violent and cruel scene that the people in that country had to endure. They decided to do something in order to save people from the King and help them to gain independence for their own country. After a week of discussions and debates, they all agreed and came up with the final solution that they thought it would be the best option for this situation. They went to see a God of War and asked him if his son was willing to reincarnate to a boy in order to help fight against the troops in that country. Without any concern and consideration, his son immediately accepted that offer and asked when he needed to get ready for this mission, although his father was quite worried for his son's safety. Since it was his first mission on the earth, he was quite worried whether he could succeed or not. Nevertheless, with courage and help from his father and other Gods, he felt more confident and was more ready than ever. On the day that he started his mission, he said the last goodbye to his parents and his siblings and told them to believe in him. He said, "I would try to finish this mission successfully and save those poor people from the evil King quickly, so that they would not have to tolerate any more pain and would be free sooner. Believe in me." After that, his new life as a boy of a poor family began.

Meanwhile, on the earth, there was an unfortunate and poor lady living alone by herself in a very faraway town. She was thirty years old and did not have kids. Her husband died on a trip to the mountain in order to pick up medical leaves for her severe sickness. Her husband left her alone pretty soon when they just got married and had not spent enough time together. From that day, although she was sad, she had to stand up by herself and work hard to make earning and live on. Every day, she went to the field and studiously worked on the field from sunrise until sunset. People in that town felt sorry for her, but they did not know what to do to support her, because all of them were so poor as well. One day, she went to work as usual and suddenly saw a big footprint on the rock nearby the steam. Curiously, she put her foot on it and realized how big and abnormal the footprint was. Right after she lifted up her foot, she was fainted.

When she opened her eyes, she realized that she was lying on her bed at home and people were looking so nervously at her. However, when she tried to sit up, she felt something strange on her stomach. As she looked down at her stomach, she could not believe in her eyes that it was getting bigger, which it seemed like she was pregnant. She was so frightened that she did not why and how come her stomach got bigger after a day. People in a town also looked at her with a big surprise and had the same question as she did. Some bad-mouth people said that it was because she was playing around the town with all the men and got pregnant after a night; while some people worried that she might get a severe sickness in her stomach. Opposite to what people guessed, after 9 months and 10 days, she actually gave birth to a little boy. The day he was born, the sky changed color from blue to dark and lightning appeared so many times. This was a sign of Gods to claim the existence of one of the God's son. Some elder people in the town believed that this kid was not like other kids here. He was very special and was brought with miracles that could change the whole country in the future. No matter what other people said about her and the kid, she did not care; instead, she was so happy with the fact that she had a kid and was no longer lonely. She thanked Gods for giving her a child, so that she could spend time with him and devote herself to raise him.



Since the day she had a child, she had a bigger goal to live and work in order to give her child a more comfortable life. She worked harder and harder to make living to raise her child, but she did not forget to spend time with him and take care of him with all her love. Nevertheless, no matter how hard-working she was, she did not earn enough to buy food and milk for him. Unluckily, in that year, the weather was so dry and hot that all the harvests were almost in danger. On the verge of the cliff, she could not find a way out for both her and her child and cried out for help from the Gods. Surprisingly, while she was crying to Gods, she suddenly heard a voice speaking to her, "Don't worry. I can grow up strongly and healthily, even though our family was poor. Don't cry!" Then she turned her head around and realized that that voice was from her child's mouth. She was so astounded that she thought she was dreaming, but when he started to talk again, she could not say anything. Instantly, she stood up, ran into his bed, and asked him, "Was that you who just spoke to me those words?" Her child nodded his head and smiled at her saying, "Yes, it was me, mom. You should not be worried and cry anymore. I do not need lots of food to grow up." Naturally with a love of a mom, she embraced his son tightly and had a happy smile on her face. Her tears began rolling down on her face. She cried because she was so happy for his son. She cried because her son understood her situation and her love. At that time, a name for her son popped out in her mind. She called him Thanh Giong, which meant a son of Gods. She named his son like that because she wanted to express her gratefulness towards Gods for giving her a best child ever in her life.

Rumors was passing around the town that people knew about Thanh Giong. Because some nice people wanted to help her family, they brought some food they had left in their families in order to help her raise her kid. On the other hand, some people with bad intention reported her family to the King and added some inaccurate information to the story. As the story went to the King's ears, he was so afraid that if he did not kill that child, probably some day that child would be the person take over his crown or fight against his troops. Bearing that thought in mind, he asked his troops to go there and bring the mom and her son back to him. After 7 days travelling by horses, the King's troops finally arrived to that town and looked for her family everywhere. By the time the trooped arrived to the town, the child was not a little kid, but he grew up so fast and became a muscular, intelligent, and handsome man in a town. He helped people in town do work and manage almost all the heavy tasks. His mom was very proud of him for being nice and helpful to people, who had helped the mom and her son during a difficulty period. Now it was the time for him to pay back what people had done to his family. When the King's troops came to find him, the elder people could sense that something bad would happen to Thanh Giong. Thus, they did not help out the troops to find his house. In contrary, they showed the troops a longer way to get to his house, so that they would have time to let him know about this unexpected visit from the King.

When his mom knew about the bad news, she was so worried about her son's safety that she wanted to run away and temporarily hid in somewhere, until the King's troops left the town. However, Thanh Giong did not agree on his mom's idea; instead, he knew it was time to stand up and do something to save not only her mom and people in this town, but also the whole country. He still remembered word by word that the Gods said to him before he transformed to human being. Therefore, he persuaded his mom to let him stay and deal with the soldiers. He wanted to know who they were and what things they could do to him. Besides, in order to protect his mom's safety, he commanded his mom to come and stay over at other's people house for a while until he finished his business with the soldiers. In the next morning, when the soldiers came to his house, he was working on the yard behind the house without knowing that there were people coming to visit him. The soldiers came up to him and asked if he was Thanh Giong. He replied them without looking at their faces. After a few questions, as the soldiers were about to get mad at his attitudes, he stopped working and looked up to see all the faces. Then the soldiers asked him to go back to the palace with them to see the King. Quickly, he realized that this was the best moment for him to see and talk directly to the King. The night before he left the town, he went to see his mom and said goodbye to her and other people in the town. His mom kept crying and begging him to stay since she knew there would be no happy ending for him in the palace. No matter what his mom said, he resisted in going and said this was his mission that Gods had given to him in the previous life. Knowing that there was no way to persuade him to stay, she said those final words to him:

My son, you have been always a good son to me and nice person to people in the town. I thank Gods for giving me a son like you to live for and work hard for. You have been working hard here and I believe it is time for you to go outside and help the whole country. I just hope you can protect yourself in front of danger. No matter who you are and where you are from, I am always your mom and you are always my only son. Thank you for appearing in my life, my son. Gods bless you!



After that, they hugged so tightly in tears as if this would be the last time they could see each other. Then, the sun gradually went up from the mountain and sky started to brighten. The soldiers rode horses to his house and asked him to get on the horse quickly, so they could make it back to the palace before night. After a long day of travelling, he was brought to a nice room to take a rest before meeting with the King the following morning. At night, he could not sleep because he was busy thinking of the way to save this country. As the night passed by and the morning came, he dressed up and got ready to see the King. It was an enormous room with lots of professional decorations on the ceiling and on the poles. He was amazed by how gorgeous it was compared to the real life of people outside the palace. At the end of the room, the King was sitting still and waiting for his visit. When Thanh Giong saw the King, the King's face looked so evil that explained why he could do those terrible things to his people. Very quickly, the King went straight to the topic that he wanted to offer him a very good and high position on his troops. Since the King heard about his power and talent, he wanted Thanh Giong to lead his troops to invade the neighbor country. However, Thanh Giong turned down the King's offer immediately without any consideration, even though the King promised to pay him lots of money. Thanh Giong said:

I am sorry that I could not listen to you and do as you want me to. I still have old mom at home and lots of housework to finish. I think you should find another person who suited for this position. By the way, aren't you afraid of consequences for those bad things you have done to other people? I just want you to stop before it is too late.



Hearing those words and feeling insulted, the King was so upset and felt humiliated that he asked his troops to arrest him. With his power as a son of a God, he easily beat up all the soldiers and walked away. Nevertheless, the King did not stop there. He asked his troops to come to his town and burn down the whole village at night. As a result, when he arrived at his town, he was so surprised with what he was seeing in front of him. A whole town was burnt down and no one was alive. He knew immediately who caused this trouble to his town. After cleaning up the town and burying all dead bodies, he was rushing toward the palace to take revenge for his people in the town. By the time he got to the palace, his anger raised and he was more powerful than before. On that day, the sky was full of lightning which clearly showed that the Gods in Heaven were as angry as he was as well. In a short time, he finally got to the place where the King lived. The King was so surprised and scared since he did not know that Thanh Giong would be that strong. Then, Thanh Giong went straight to his place with angry face and bullet eyes as if he wanted to kill the King right away. He lifted up the King on his hands and shouted loudly:

Why did you do such that thing to my town? Are you human? You killed my people and my only mom in that town. How dare you do those things to me? You are going to die in my hands today.



The King was so afraid of his power and his words that he kept begging Thanh Giong to put him down and forgive him for this time. However, Thanh Giong did not listen to the King and still looked at his face with mad eyes. The moment Thanh Going was going to kill him, there was a voice from the sky saying, "Son, do not kill him. The death to him is nothing. Let him suffer
what he had done to people. That would be the most suitable consequence for him in order to understand how poor and miserable his people had to tolerate for a long time. Leave him for me. You should come back to visit your mom's tomb."

Eventually, Thanh Giong listened to that voice and decided to do what he was told to. He put the King down and left him the Gods; then, he was heading back to his old town. He spent three days and night without eating anything beside his mom's tomb. He did not cry, but he just sat there and kept looking at her tomb to remember all memories they had together. After three days, Thanh Giong decided to go back to Heaven since he had accomplished his mission for this country. Before he left, he went to visit and knelt down in front of all people's tombs in the town and said "goodbye and thank you" to each of them.

Later, no one knew what happened to the King, but people were saved from the evil king and now they could live happily in a peaceful country.