Miracle Birth

Alex Luedtke

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It was a cold dark night. Goblins, ghosts, vampires, and many other creatures were roaming around the streets. Any other night this might be a cause for concern, however, tonight was Halloween, and kids running alongside friends and family were eager to get their fill of candy so they could return home to eat until their stomach's were spoiled. At the Luedtke residence, all things were going well, kids were scampering to the door at an alarming rate, and the candy bowl was well on its way to being gone. The night seemed to be going great until the first fleck of snow fell from the heavens and things started to take a turn for the worse. 

Earlier on Halloween day, Rachel and Jason Luedtke were going about their normal routine, going to work, meeting up for lunch, finishing work and then heading to the grocery store to pick up the candy for the nights festivities. While doing this, something was tossing and turning inside of Rachel's stomach, making her unusually nervous and anxious. That something was me. At this point my mother was well over her due date by about 2 weeks, and my parents were growing increasingly concerned that they may have to go in soon. But eventually as the day went on, and increasing anticipation of the fun night ahead led them to forget about me and the potential that I was ready to come into the world at any time.

About 5 minutes after the first snowflake had fallen, the wind and snow had started to blow with the force of a hurricane. Instead of the hundreds of children that had been outside just minutes ago, there were now no more than a few hand full's braving the elements. Eventually after everyone had cleared the streets Rachel and Jason sat down on the sofa, turned on the television, and kicked back to relax. Upon turning on the news, the TV started blaring "WARNING SEVERE SNOW STORM IS IMMINENT. PLEASE REFRAIN FROM TRAVELING OUTSIDE IF POSSIBLE. THIS MAY BE THE LARGEST STORM OF OUR GENERATION" Upon hearing this, Jason and Rachel were startled somewhat, but then again they realized that they had no place to be, and did not have to work in the morning since it was Friday. All was well in the Luedtke residence as they cuddled up next to the fire, popped in a movie, and slowly drifted into slumber. All was well until the unthinkable happened.


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My mother woke up knowing exactly what was happening. She frantically woke Jason from his slumber shaking him and saying, "wake up! Wake up! We have to leave right now" My father still half asleep not understanding what she was saying responded saying go back to bed its 1 in the morning, besides were probably snowed in. And that's when Rachel said, "You don't get it, we HAVE to leave now. I am about to give birth". Jason shot to his feet and ran up to the room throwing on some warmer clothes for the journey. He asked Rachel if she was positive she needed to go to the hospital, and she was 100% sure. My time to enter this world had almost come. They hustled to get their shoes and jackets on, ran out to the garage, opened the door, and couldn't believe what they saw.

Upon opening the garage door they were met face to face with a wall of snow about 6 feet high. There was only about a foot between the top of the snow drift and the top of the garage. Rachel panicked not knowing what they were going to do or how she was going to handle not making it to the hospital. Jason then told her to get into the car, and that they were going to have to try and ram through the snow drift. They hopped into the car, started the engine, buckled their seat belts, and crossed their fingers. It was going to take a miracle to break through this snow drift. Jason through it into reversed, and floored it as fast as he could. The rear end of the car met the snow bank with astounding force. At first it seemed as though they were going to make it through easily, but then when they were about half way through, the tires lost traction and the snow overcame the vehicle. They were stuck. Rachel started crying now out of fear for not making it to the hospital. They both tried to open their doors, but the outside pressure from the snow was just too much. When all hope seemed to be lost, Jason pulled Rachel into the back seat, and swung himself feet first into the front windshield, shattering it into pieces, allowing for them to escape the car, return to the garage.


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They were both over joyed to have escaped their entrapment; however they still had no way of getting to the hospital. That's when Jason remembered the snowmobile in the back shed. He frantically ran back into the house and down into the basement praying that the back door had been sheltered from the wind. To his surprise it was, and the door had no more than a foot of snow piled up next to it. He slid opened the door and ran out to the shed, almost having to feel his way there with the visibility being so terrible from the snow. Once there he entered the combination and threw open the door. Sitting there under the cover was an only used once Polaris snowmobile. Jason ripped off the cover, and threw the key into the ignition. He thought to himself how dangerous and difficult the trip would be even though the hospital was only a couple of miles away. Upon turning the key, the snowmobile churned and whined, but would not start. Jason's heart sank into his stomach as he realized he forgot to fill it up the last time he took it out. He looked around the shed for a tank of gas but found nothing.

Jason returned to the house to tell his wife the bad news and that he wasn't sure what they were going to do. Rachel suggested siphoning the gas from the car, but Jason quickly shot that down as the car was buried in a pile of snow, and there was no way of reaching the gas tank. Jason sighed and told Rachel that he was going to have to make his way to the neighbors and try and borrow someone's car.


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The journey to the neighbors that would have normally taken about 2 minutes took about 10 minutes as Jason trudged through the massive snow banks. Upon reaching the neighbors home, he again was devastated to see that their garage had also been blocked off by a tremendously large snow bank. He banged on the door anyways hoping that they might have a gas tank laying around, and when they neighbors answered, they were shocked to see that he had walked all the way there through the storm. They brought him in and he told them the situation about how Rachel needed to get to the hospital to give birth and that they had no way of getting there unless they could find some gas. The neighbors luckily had a couple of gas tanks in the garage and were more than happy to give them to Jason to help him out. Finally Jason had found some good luck in a series of bad events. With gas tanks in hand, Jason made the journey back home.

Once back at home with the gas tanks, Jason immediately went out to the shed and filled the snowmobile up with gas. After that was done, he turned the key over praying that it would start. After the 3 seconds, the engine did nothing but purr. The second attempt resulted in success as the engine roared to life. Jason was more than excited that they would finally be able to make their way to the hospital. He ran inside to tell Rachel that he had got the snowmobile to start and that they should leave immediately. Rachel was very happy to hear the good news and was starting to worry that she would have to give birth without any medical assistance, which would endanger her baby as well as herself. Once on the snowmobile they took off in the direction of the hospital. Jason and Rachel both knew that they were far from being in the clear, the severe conditions were going to make the journey extremely difficult and dangerous. 


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At first, the journey started well. The first mile or two went by with no problems, and the wind had even seemed to die down some, making the visibility much better. Then however, the weather became worse than it had ever been before. The visibility had become so bad that they could barely see more than 3 feet in front of them. Because of this Jason was forced to slow down and did not want to risk crashing the snowmobile. For about 20 minutes, they plugged along slowly making their way to the hospital, until they reached a very large statue which Jason recognized very well. He knew that they were getting very close now, and that they should arrive at the hospital shortly and all would be well. But then as they made their way across a street, a vehicle came crashing towards them that had spun out. Jason and Rachel both feared that this was the end and they would surely be killed by the incoming car. But at the last second, by some miracle, the car changed direction sharply and slammed into the snow bank just feet in front of them.

Jason hoped off the snowmobile and ran over to the car making sure that the driver was alright. But when he opened the door the driver was unresponsive, and had blood trickling down his forehead. Jason looked back to tell Rachel, but the excitement of what had just happened had caused the baby to fuss and want to come out. She screamed in pain and Jason realized that there was no time to help out the poor driver, he had to pray that someone would come by and help him. Once back on the snowmobile, Jason gunned it as fast as he could towards the hospital, praying that nothing else would get in their way. 


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Finally after 45 minutes of traveling by snowmobile they arrived at the hospital. But when they walked up to the front entrance, they saw that the entire doorway was blocked by an enormous pile of snow. Once again they had fallen onto bad lack, and Jason was really starting to get frustrated that nothing was going smoothly. Just as they turned around to head back to the snowmobile, they heard a banging coming from a window nearby. They turned around and saw a nurse standing in the window banging and pointing to the left telling them to walk around the building to the back door that had been cleared. They moved as fast as they could and made it to the door. They walked in, and Jason sighed with relief. After all the chaos, they finally were able to make it to the hospital. But yet the troubles were still not over. Rachel was still in serious pain and was screaming for a nurse to get a room so she could give birth.

The snowstorm had knocked out the main power, and the hospital was running on backup generators, making it making it much harder to operate. But in the end after long grueling labor, I was born. I was 10 pounds and 3 ounces, one of the biggest babies they had ever seen. After Jason had explained to all the nurses and doctors the story of their journey, they all said how miraculous it was and that their baby was truly a miracle baby. They also recognized the man from the car crash and let them know that he had suffered some injuries, but was going to be just fine.

For the next few months the story was told to all the friends and family and the story of my birth became a legend within our town. They even had a story about it on the local news titling the story "Miracle Baby". Even to this day the legend of my birth is still talked about once in a while. And many times people find it hard to believe everything that I tell them. But the details are not so much important, rather the important thing is that it was in fact a MIRACLE.


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The End