Human Butterfly

Stephanie Kellner

Many years ago on a sunny day, the sun was shinning on my face as I was walking along the beach. There was a cool breeze that brought the smell of the sea up through my nostrils filling them with a smell that only few can love. The day was turning out to be great, when all of a sudden I heard a noise towards my left. The sound was so piercing, that of a child screaming in agony. I turned my head as fast as I could to see what it was but as soon as my eyes started roaming the noise went away. It left as quickly as it came. This became only the start of what was about to happen.

5 years later.....

"Mamma Mamma" cried little Lily.

"Yes my angel. What is it?" I asked with concern

"Can you tell me the story of me again? PLEEAAASSEEEEE!!

"Now why would you want me to tell you that story again if you have already heard it about a thousand times? Why don't you tell it to me?"

"But mommy I just love that story. The way you tell it is so beautiful and I can not tell it like you do. Please oh please tell it to me. It is so wonderful!"

"Yes it is a wonderful story my angel because it is of you. So yes I shall tell it again. Now go get your blanket and pillow. I shall tell it but this time under the willow tree outside because it is such a gorgeous day out." I said with amusement

So this story starts out 5 years ago on a bright and sunny afternoon. I was down by the beach. The wind was blowing the smell of the sea right up to my nose.

"I love the smell of the sea!" mentioned Lily

"Yes dear I know you do, as do I. I love it so much but not as much as I do you. Now shall I continue or no? I must have no interruptions or I shall not be able to finish." I insisted

"Oh no do not stop. I am sorry please keep going."

As I was saying on that day the smell of the sea went up to my nose. I was enjoying the day on the beach, as it was a lazy afternoon, which most Sunday afternoons are. The day was as perfect as it could be until this noise scared me out of my wits. I have never heard such a noise as scary and piercing as this one. Of course it was to the left so when I turned my head the noise was gone and the day went back to being the way it was before. For me though the day was not the same for I could not get that sound out of my head. After I was done at the beach I went down to the local police to see if they had heard anything about a noise. They however had not, so I went back down to the beach to see if I could find where the noise was coming from. Roaming the beach I notice no signs of anything that could have possibly made that noise. All the children would be with their parents in this small town of Inda especially on a Sunday. Well I shall continue with my lovely day then and try not to worry about it.

Later that day I went up to visit my mother as I do almost every Sunday about this time. She loves the company just as much as I do. However this time I did not enjoy my visit because that noise was there as well. It started out normal and we were talking when it just came to me again. I jumped out of my chair and started running to the direction of the noise. It led me out of the house and to a tree. My mother in worry of my peculiar actions followed, she got there about 2 minutes after I did where she found me staring up at a willow tree.     


"What is up there" she asked in worry

"I do not know but I keep hearing this piercing scream, of a child and so I followed it to this tree." I exclaimed.

"Ahhhhh....." she said in reply as if she in that tone and way. The one in which you know that your mother or father are not telling you something. Like their wisdom is beyond what yours is and that they have kept information from you.

"What is it? What do you know that you are not telling me Unitsi." I asked without patience.

"There is much to learn my daughter. All will reveal itself to you in time. Just keep your mind and ears awake and your heart open."

"I like that phrase. It is so pretty," Lily chimed in,  "oops I am sorry please do not stop. I forgot. It just blurted out."

"So continuing on" I said, " What is that suppose to mean. Keep my mind and ears awake. They are always awake!"

So I left my mothers place confused and frustrated. I got home later that evening and

decided to just sit outside and watch the sunset. It was the most wonderful thing ever.



I thought, to be able to watch a sunset in peace and quiet. Letting all your thoughts go, just listening to the air, wind, and watching the sunset. I believed that if you looked hard you could see yourself in the sunset, not your shell but your core. How you are inside...the deep part of you that only you know. It was an exceptionally pink and purple sunset today. Little did I know that it was actually a sign for what was about to come the following day.

Suddenly awake from a deep sleep I felt as if something was watching me. I was sleeping so good and was not having a nightmare so I could not figure out why I woke up. Then I heard it again! It was coming from outside my bedroom window which I had left open, since it was such a nice warm night. I grabed my robe and ran out to find the noise in a willow tree again. Now I am confused! I still can't seem to find anything. Oh wait I said to myself....there is a butterfly in the tree. It was so pretty with its pink and purple wings. It is so little and looked hurt. I called to it and held my hand out to it in hopes I would be lucky in which it would land on it. It went from branch to branch for about 5 minutes before it finally felt safe enough to land on my outstretched hand. Once on it I could see that the butterfly indeed had a broken wing. I tried to touch it to see if I could help it when it made such a horrible sound. It was THAT sound that I had been hearing for the past 2 days.

It looks at me and I swear it was not that of a butterfly. It stared at me for many minutes before I even started to notice it changing. The butterfly was no longer a butterfly, but a little human girl. My mind was spinning with questions and wonderings. I needed to talk to someone and the only person awake at this time is my mother, my Unitsi.

"Mother Mother please open up its your daughter. I must speak to you." I said, as I was banging on her door.

"Coming just hold on my dear." she says as I can hear her opening the door. " Ah I see you have found her. You must feel very lucky."

"No I do not understand and I have no idea what I am doing with this baby in my arms."

"Well now it is time for you to sit down and I shall tell you. I could not tell you until it was your turn. I was sworn not to do so."

"My turn for what?" I said frightened and a little angry

"A long time ago I found you. Your father and I are really not your birth parents as you came the same way that little girl did. Did you ever wonder why you never seemed happy in this house or cooped up? Why you always wanted to be by the beach and outside? Why your father and I were dark and you so white, and how we spoke Cherokee but you didn't. Well that was because you were formed from a butterfly. You were the most beautiful thing I ever bright with red and oranges. I knew that it must be getting close to your time as well since you were hearing the screaming. I did as well until the day you were ready to become human. You were the best thing that happened to Phil and I so we took you in like our own."

"Wait so I came from a butterfly? Why do not I remember this?!"

"You were a baby just as she is. Now you became ours and as soon as we brought you into our home there appeared a man.

I do not know who he is or how he got there but he was a man of the butterfly people. He said that "she must not be harmed. She is our beloved child but we need more room here and feel that you will keep her safe and be wonderful guardians over her. You must not tell her this till she is ready. You will know when that day comes. Once she knows she will then be able to choose to come back to us or stay on earth with you." So now you know and you must choose what you want to do." My mother said with the eyes of one who is happy and sad.

"This is all so much for me to take in. I must choose one or the other? If I choose to go back I would never see you again or this little angel. But to be able to experience what I have missed for so long I just don't know. To be able to be my true self and be who I am."

"Now I am not trying to persuade you but do not forget that just because you became human does not mean that you are not who you are. Your personality and everything you have learned will not change no matter what your decision is."

Well you know what I chose, to stay human is the best thing I could have chosen. That moment your eyes were open and I was able to see that deep sea blue green color I just knew that this was the right choice.

"Yay you chose to stay and raise me! Your little butterfly. Your little angel...what is the Cherokee word for angel again....I can't seem to remember."

"That is ok. Yes you are my little Anidawehi and I love you with all my heart. It is always open for you. You have changed my life for the better in so many ways that I have never regretted staying human. And so that is the story of you and how you found me!"