Fortune of Chaly

Maria Xiong

In a small town in Thailand, there lived an orphan named Chaly. Although he was an orphan after his parents died, they left him with his paternal uncle and his family. They did not love him at all; they only took him into the family so they can steal Chaly's fortune. In his uncle's family, there was his uncle, his wife and their son, Jun. Jun was very spoiled; he received anything he desired. His uncle's family would force Chaly to go to the farm every day. He was never allowed to return home at night; therefore, he was forced to sleep at the farm. Although he did not enjoy spending his days and nights at the farm, he was given no options. He needed to follow the rules if he wanted food.

One morning before heading out to the farm, Chaly saw Jun's new gun. 'It must be something new that uncle bought for Jun. I should go ask Jun if he is not using his old one. Maybe I can borrow it to hunt for some birds,' Chaly silently said to himself. Chaly went toward Jun and sat adjacent to him. "Jun, I see that that is a new gun you have there," Chaly said to Jun.

"Why yes it is, having something new like this makes me look cool and all the girls desire to date me because I can afford something that you cannot afford, Jun said after a loud, obnoxious laugh.

"Jun, you are fortunate to get everything you desire. Look at me, you are right, I cannot afford anything in life. Therefore, I want to borrow your old gun so I can use it to hunt for some birds when I run out of food," Chaly said to Jun. Jun got mad and kicked Chaly in the chest really hard.

"You hopeless fool! Even though you live day by day eating our old food and wear my old clothes, I would never let you use anything that belongs to me. You are just lucky that my parents take pity on you. That is why we took you in! Do not wish to use any of my things or you will not see the light of tomorrow!" Jun spat on Chaly and kicked him a few times before entering the house. Chaly stood up from the ground and wiped himself.

A tear fell from Chaly's eyes before he turned his back to the house and started his journey to the farm. On his way to the farm, he was crying and cursing at himself. 'Why? Why do I not have any parents to love me like other people? Why does nobody respect me at all? I work hard night and day and watch over their crops, yet they do not appreciate me. Nothing I have is new! The clothes on my back used to have another owner. Even the foods I eat have been stripped by another's mouth! God, if you hear me, please help me.' Chaly begged as he fell onto his knees. More tears fell as he continuously begged.

God in Heaven heard his prayers. God pitied him, so God granted Chaly's wish. To help him, God created thunder, lightning, and powerful rain to bring misfortune to those who do not love the orphan Chaly. It started to rain really hard when Chaly started to walk to his farm. As he kept walking, it rained more and more.

'Great Heaven! By the looks of it, it looks like I will not make it to the farm house. The rain is too strong; I will have to find somewhere to stay for the night and leave tomorrow morning.' Chaly thought to himself. He ran from one tree to another hoping not to get wet. All he had with him was the clothes he wore and food. As he was running from tree to tree, he spotted a cave behind the bush. 'I will spend the night there and wake up in the morning to go to the farm,' he said to himself.

That night, God came into Chaly's dream and said, "My son, I have heard your prayers. Although your parents are gone, you still live to this day. Your name represents you; you are a talented young man. Your future holds many surprises. Tomorrow when you wake, you will find a rock next to you. Do not hesitate and take it with you. That rock will be your lucky charm. Cherish the rock like you would your life." That following morning, Chaly woke up to surprisingly find the rock that God had mentioned in his dream. The rock was next to him and he immediately took the rock and hid it inside his bag of food.




When he got to the farm, he immediately took out the rock and tied it in the ceiling so no one will see it. He went out to the farm to start plowing the land, afraid that his uncle and aunt would yell at him if he did not get things done. At noon, he went back to the farm house to eat the food that his aunt packed for him. As he opened the door, there was a complete meal set out before him. 'Boy! Who would cook and clean for me? I never had anyone cooked and clean for me! Maybe it is the neighbor that helped me.' He thought to himself. 'I must thank them when I see them!' With that he sat down to eat the food that was offered to him. Never in his life have Chaly eaten a big meal like this! Day by day, the same routine would repeat itself; the house was cleaned and cooked meals were waiting for him. Every time when he saw his neighbor, he would thank them and tell them how much he appreciates their kindness. They would laugh at him and call him crazy; who would have the time of day to care for him when they had families of their own?

After two long months, he decided that he was going to find the one that has been cooking and cleaning for him. That morning before leaving for the garden, he purposely announced very loud that he was going to plow the land and will be back at noon for lunch. As he left the house, he went around the house and peeked through the cracked walls. Today was going to be the day where he finds out that had been so kind to him.

The rock that he took home started to shake, a beam shot through the rock and a young lady appeared out of nowhere. She was wearing elegant clothes with beautiful features. Chaly instantly fell in love with her. Chaly intensely observed her as she started to cook and fixed his bed[U1] . Chaly quickly ran inside the house. Once he got inside, he grabbed her wrist tightly. "Who are you and what are you doing in my house?" Chaly furiously asked.



"I am the one God sent down to take care of you. God saw that you have no one and wanted me to silently take care of you. Every time when you are out plowing the garden, I come out to cook and clean for you," she answered. "Since you scared me, I have no power to return back to the rock."

"I am sorry. Everyone thought I was crazy for thanking them every time I come home to see a cleaned house and cooked food. I will take responsibility and marry you. Even though we do not know each other, we will eventually get to know each other and maybe we will be a happily married couple. By the way, what is your name?" Chaly asked the fair maiden.

"I do not have a name, but since I cannot go back, I will live with you as your wife," she said.

"If that is the case, then I will name you Kau. It stands for fairy and you are the fairy that was sent to me."



As time went by, Chaly and Kau both learned to love each other. Chaly also became rich by wishing upon the rock charm. Chaly moved out to live on his own in another town fearing that his uncle and aunt will accuse him of kidnapping a lady to marry since they know that no one will want an orphan for a husband. Everyone in the new town respected the couple. Chaly was now a successful and rich man; he also had a kind heart and a beautiful wife. Everyone in town spread talked about how luck Chaly was to have such a beautiful wife. These words eventually made its way to his hometown where his uncle's family lived.

When Jun heard that Chaly lived a rich life with a beautiful wife, he was furious. How can a poor orphan like Chaly marry a beautiful lady and become rich? Jun and his family were the exact opposite of Chaly. After Chaly left, no one tended the farm so all their crops died and his uncle became sick after spending days at the farm. Jun's wife was also not as pretty as Kau. His wife was very ugly and since Jun was very handsome, she lied to everyone that Jun raped her so he would have to marry her. Jun did not love his wife and he saw that his wife was the ugliest thing in the world. Jun wanted to see Chaly's wife and if she was really pretty like what the town said, then he was going to steal Chaly's wife to make her his second wife. Jun wanted everything that Chaly had. Jun wanted wealth, a beautiful wife, and to kill Chaly for stealing his fortune.

That night, Jun lied to his parents and wife that he was going to visit Chaly since he missed his cousin. Full of determination, he walked all night and day to get to the village. As tomorrow's sun began to rise, Jun arrived in Chaly's town. He asked people around town where Chaly's house was. Everyone pointed in one direction and said, "If you are talking about our beloved Chaly, then go straight down this road until you see the intersection. Once you get there, turn left and it is the smallest house you see on the right."

"Why do you call him the beloved Chaly?" Jun asked the villagers.

"We treasure him like our own son because he is not greedy with his wealth and he does not flaunt his wealth around. If you are here to ask for money, he would not hesitate to give you money at all," the villagers replied. This made Jun even more furious and eager to kill Chaly. As he came upon the small house on the right, he saw Chaly and his wife. It was exactly like what everyone said, Chaly's wife was a beauty.

Knowing Chaly, Jun knew that Chaly loved his uncle regardless of the past. Jun pretended to cry and walk toward Chaly and his wife.

Chaly  heard someone crying and looked up to see his cousin, Jun. "Dear cousin, why are you crying? Why are you here?" he asked.

"My beloved cousin, after you left, my father has become gravely ill. He wishes to see you before anything bad happen. We also do not have any money after you left," Jun cried some more. Chaly hesitated at first. If he were to go see his uncle, he did not want to leave his wife alone.

"My father has always treated you as his own son. Please go see him before he passes," Jun continued. Chaly was convinced that he must go see his uncle. He then asked his wife to pack his clothes and some money to go back with Jun. Little did Chaly know that Jun had plotted to kill him.

As the sun set, Chaly and Jun went through two villages and a forest. Jun suggested that they should lay some leaves on the floor and spend the night in the forest. As soon as the sun rises, then they will continue to go back to their village. As Chaly went to search for leaves, Jun took out his knife and stabbed Chaly. Without hesitation, Jun stole Chaly's money and bag of clothes and headed back to kidnap Chaly's wife. Chaly was left there to die. God saw that Chaly was stabbed to death and was unhappy. As Jun ran back to kidnap Chaly's wife, the sky began to storm. The raindrops pounded the ground and lightning lit up the night sky. Jun did not care if he was going to be struck by lightning, all he wanted was to make Chaly's wife as his.

When Jun got to Chaly's town, the wind began to blow very fast. Despite the heavy wind, Jun arrived at Chaly's door and lied to his wife that he was injured and need his wife's help. As a fairy descended down from heaven by God, she knew that Jun had killed her beloved husband. She was not stupid to believe him so she told him, "I will come with you if you can go over to the tree and grab my shoes. Earlier I was washing my clothes by the tree and forgot to bring my shoes in." He did not hesitate and went to the tree. He looked everywhere but no shoes were in sight.

"I cannot find it!" he shouted out to her. Lightning flashed and thunder boomed loudly across the sky. As Jun desperately searched for the shoes, lightning struck him. He died on the spot as God's punishment for killing an innocent man. Kau ascended up to heaven to reunite with the love of her life. Chaly's body was left in the forest to rot since no one knew where he and his wife went; the townspeople believed that Chaly and his wife went to another town to help the poor. Jun's father soon died leaving the mother and his wife alone. Chaly and Kau's love lived strong with no boundaries nor interference.