Big Things Come in Small Packages

Kevin McKenzie

Once upon a time there was a boy named Ken who was always shorter than the other kids he grew up with in his village. His whole life the kids at school would make fun of his height, telling him he was too small to do anything. He was always picked last in everything. The worst of the bullies was Seth, who constantly would push, and hit Ken everywhere he went. Seth had a group of friends who liked to gang up on the tiny Ken. Every single day they would steal the lunch his mom made him, knock him down onto the dirt and then continuously hit and kicked him until he would bleed. No one would help Ken because they were greatly out numbered, and Seth and his gang was far too powerful for anyone to want to mess with. So Ken was left alone day after day, beating after beating.

This caused Ken to not have any friends, except his dear mother, whom he spent just about all of his free time with. His mother was his best friend, and his mentor. She kept telling Ken that he was short for a reason, and that someday his height would prove to be valuable. Her message was that he must practice patience, because one day he would see that his small stature would prove to be beneficial.

Every night Ken would have dreams about being the tallest man in the world, overpowering anyone that came within sight of him. He dreamed that one day he would be so big that he would go up to Seth and his gang, and push them all off the nearby cliff. All of these dreams of revenge only began to wear on Ken, because he realized that they were just dreams, and that there was no way he would ever grow to be the tallest or most powerful man in the world. In fact, he got so frustrated that he began to not sleep, because he did not want to have these dreams only to get his hopes up when they never came true.

Meanwhile, there was a huge dragon named Orgas that came back to life after the evil god of the underworld decided it was time to try to take back the world that he thought he deserved.

This dragon is part human, which means that he is very smart as well as powerful. The god of the underworld used to be a god of the heavens, but he became very greedy and tried to take over the heavens himself. The other gods revolted against him and sent him down under ground. From there, the only people he ruled were the worst humans on earth that could not get into heaven. For thousands of years, the god of the underworld was working on bringing the biggest, most powerful dragon to ever live back to life, in order to hold the world hostage, and take back the heavens as he originally wished.

The gods of the heavens had no idea that this was going on, and didn't know it was possible to bring back the powerful dragon known as Orgas. The gods of the heavens destroyed all the dragons millions of years ago, and after all the wars and battles, the gods vowed never step foot on Earth again. The evil god of the underworld knew this, and devised a plan to bring Orgas back to life. The gods of the heavens could not defeat Orgas, because they are not allowed to step foot back on Earth ever again. The main god of the heavens, Tim, was approached by another god who presented the news of Orgas coming back to life and coming back up to Earth. Tim was frightened and knew they were in deep trouble. They tried desperately to come up with a plan to save the Earth from being taken over by the god of the underworld, but it proved to be a difficult task. The dragon Orgas is already just as powerful as the gods, except he is on Earth. The gods have no way of fighting the dragon because they are not allowed on Earth.

After hours of thinking, Tim finally thought of the only plan he could come up with. Long ago, after all the dragons were defeated, the gods hid a secret potion that had the ability to make someone the most powerful person on the Earth. However, if the most powerful person on Earth happens to drink to potion, it instantly turns them into the weakest person on Earth. So Tim decided to recruit a human to track down this potion, sneak into where the dragon was going to be sleeping, and poison it in order to defeat it. There was one problem with this. The potion was hid in a place where not many people could get to because it was in such a small cave. If Tim was to recruit a human, he needed someone who was small, agile, and quick in case he had to run away from the dragon, and smart in order to find the potion.

Tim and the rest of the gods took days of trying to recruit the best candidate for this very important job. It wasn't easy to choose someone, because the person they chose would be in charge of trying to save the world, so they needed to make sure this person was worthy and capable of performing such a task. The gods became restless and worried after four days of not being able to find anyone. On the fifth day, they looked upon the small village where Ken lived. This was the last place they could check, because they looked everywhere else and they did not have much time to waste. The longer they waited, the more time it gave the god of the underworld time to devise a plan for Orgas to take over the world. So if they did not find a candidate in this village, the whole world was doomed.

The gods looked upon the village and saw near the school a group of boys round house kicking a small boy in the face. The gang of boys continued to beat down the little boy for hours. When the fights finally stopped, the small boy got up and walked away without a tear rolling down his face, or any look of defeat in his eyes. It was in this moment that the gods new they had the right person. They found out the boys name was Ken, and that he was frequently bullied and beat up. The gods liked this about him, because they figured that Ken would not be afraid of much considering he got beat up basically every day of his life. The also liked the fact that Ken was used to getting absolutely demolished by biggest humans, showing that Ken showed resilience. The gods watched as Ken sprinted home to his mother after getting beat up again, and they were amazed with the speed in which he ran.

After Ken was done eating dinner and playing games with his mother, the gods decided that it was time to confront Ken and let him know what lies ahead of him in his near future. Tim called to Ken from heaven and said, "Ken, this is Tim, head of the gods of heaven. I come to you to let you know we have chosen you to save the world". Tim informed Ken of the situation with the dragon Orgas, and told him about the potion that is hidden in the woods near Ken's village. He further explained that they chose him because they needed someone small enough to fit into the cave to get the potion.

Ken was confused and scared and told Tim, "You have the wrong person for this job! I am small and have never been good at anything in my life. How do you expect me to be in charge of saving the entire world if I cannot even defend myself from Seth and all of his gang members?" Tim responded by saying "You need to have confidence in yourself. You are short, but there is a reason for everything and now you can finally use your small height to your advantage, and for the world." Ken was satisfied and knew that he had to be successful in this mission. After all, he couldn't let his mother down.

Ken went out to find the potion the next morning. He spent all day walking through the woods, remembering the directions that the gods told him in order to find the potion. After hours of walking, Ken was exhausted and didn't know how much longer he could take it. He thought he was for sure lost and never to be found when all of a sudden he came upon a small cave that looked exactly like the one the gods described for him. Ken got down on his knees and began to crawl through the cave. The gods were right; they definitely needed someone small enough to fit through the cave, and Ken was the perfect size for once. After a couple minutes of crawling Ken approached a glass bottle that contained a red liquid that lit up in the bottle. This was the potion! Ken had finally found what was needed in order to defeat Orgas the dragon!

As Ken held the bottle he began to think. If he drank the potion, it would make him the biggest and most powerful man in the world. He would still be able to defeat the dragon, except he would live the rest of his life as the tallest and most feared person on Earth. Ken lifted the bottle to his lips, and was inches away from drinking the potion. Then suddenly Ken realized this was not what he wanted to do. In that moment, he realized he was proud of his height. It was his height that allowed him to get into the cave the retrieve the potion that would save the world. He immediately lowered the potion and was extremely happy with himself for once.

At that instant, Ken left the cave with the potion, and began his trek to find Orgas the dragon in order to poison him. It took Ken three days to reach where Orgas the dragon was, and by this time, Orgas had destroyed four villages already. Ken needed to make his move quickly so he could save as many villages as possible. The gods told Ken where the dragon would be sleeping that night, and Ken watched for hours to make sure that Orgas was asleep.

When the time was right, Ken made his move to approach the dragon. Orgas was sleeping heavily, and snoring with his mouth open. This was perfect for Ken because he could simply pour the potion right into the dragon's mouth. Ken was so small that he could climb up on Orgas without waking him. He reached the mouth and poured the potion in. In that instant, Orgas woke up quickly with an angry look. Just as he was about to kill Ken, Orgas shrunk into a little lizard. Ken stomped on the lizard with his foot and threw him into the fire. Ken saved the world! It was finally over with!

The gods called down to Ken to congratulate him on his accomplishments. Tim called down to Ken and said, "What was even more amazing was that you had the honor to not use the potion yourself when you were in the cave. This shows loyalty and honor and you deserve to live the rest of your life happily ever after". Tim told Ken that he would grant any wish that he had to come true. Ken thought about asking to become tall, but he decided once again that he loved being short. So, after a lot of thought, Ken told Tim "I wish that you turn Seth and all of his friends into fat kids."

It was done. Ken lived the rest of his life living in the village as a hero, and making fun of Seth and his gang for being the fat kids in the village. Seth and his gang eventually got bullied out of the village and have never been seen again. Ken got married to the best looking girl in the village, and they lived happily ever after.

The end.