Stories from Dr. Geng's Chinese Folklore, Myth and Legend Class

Big Things Come in Small Packages 

by Kevin  McKenzie

A Love Curse

by Yee Mei Zheng

The Singing Tree

by Lindsey Weber

The Beautiful Princess

by Andrew Good

The Ballroom: A Tale of Saint John's and Saint Ben's

by Conner Griffin

Thanh Giong: A son of God

by Mai Duong

The Traveler

by Connor Richardson

The tale of Tai Sen

by Hoang Dao

The Animal Whisperer

by Matthew Blaine

Human Butterfly

by Stephanie Kellner

The Prince of Sun

by Maoxinyu Wu

The Lady in the palace

by Ho-Pan Yeung

Twin city

by Yilian Li

A Pearl From Heaven

by Nhung Do

The Dragon Cave

by Jared Baxa

The Old Man's Quarter

by Alex Engelsgjerd

Path Home

by Senai Mesfin

The Magic Mirror

by Weijue Wang

The Legend of King Barth

by Nick Meyer

Larry's Island

by Tim Markoe

The Butterfly Spring

by Yehua Yao

The Legend of Mit (Episode 1)

by Dylan Dangerfield

The Adventures of Mit: Episode 2

by Seth Marx

The Adventures of Goldi

by Trevor Barth

Fortune of Chaly

by Maria Xiong

Faith, Love, and Nature

by Adam Sperl

Nine-Tail Cat

by Zijun Fan

Miracle Birth

by Alex Luedtke