Huji Storytelling Festival

Huji is a small town in Shandong Province. From the 12th to the 17th day of each Chinese New Year, Huji hosts a national storytelling festival that attracts hundreds of professional storytellers from throughout China. Huji Festival reaches back to the Yuan Dynasty (1280-1368) when Huji was a bustling market that hosted business travelers from near and far. Besides performances, the festival is also a gathering of storytellers who spot young talent, exchange ideas, and learn from each other through intense rivalry. Moreover, storytellers use this opportunity to honor deceased masters, to hold guild ceremonies, and to formalize apprenticeships. In 2006, the Huji Storytelling Festival was recognized as a national ICH masterpiece by the Chinese Ministry of Culture.


A storyteller is performing Shandong Bamb0o Clapper Ballad


A storyteller performing in a traditional long robe



People reading the newly published Huji Storytelling Festival with excitement