Geng Village Storytelling Tradition

Geng Village in Gaochen City, Hebei Province is acclaimed as "The Number One Storytelling Village of China." A small farming community, Geng Village has over 230 recognized storytellers, 67 of whom are recognized as Master Storytellers. In 2006, the Ministry of Culture recognized Geng Village folklore as a masterpiece of China's intangible cultural heritage (ICH). The stories are great resources for the understanding of regional and rural cultures. However, in the face of globalization and urbanization, this rich oral tradition is confronting grave challenges: many Master Storytellers are approaching their seventies and eighties; the majority of the adult males have left for the metropolis as migrant workers, breaking the link of generational transmission; and many youth find themselves alienated from their traditions.             



Gate of Geng Village

The faculty-student research group is standing in front of the gate of Geng Village