Diversity and Inclusion

Dignity, Respect, and Justice

As educators in the Department of Languages and Cultures, we seek to recognize, preserve, and promote the dignity of every human being in our community at CSB/SJU and beyond. We see our efforts to respect all persons and create a just society—actions central to Benedictine tradition—as important expressions of this mission.

Anti-Racism and Embracing Difference

To achieve our campus goal of becoming anti-racist and multicultural institutions, we know we must actively identify and inhibit racism and discrimination in all their forms. We affirm the pledge of our faculty senate: “To the fullest extent possible, in all of our courses, both by the way we interact with students and by the content of our classes, we will explicitly condemn and fight against racism and discrimination of all sorts.” Both on campus and during study abroad, we aim to realize the learning goals of CSB/SJU: to embrace difference, think deeply, engage globally, serve graciously, and live courageously. We acknowledge on-campus classes take place on the original homeland of the Dakhóta and Anishinaabe peoples. We honor and respect the indigenous peoples who were forcibly removed from and who are still connected to this territory.

Learning Communities

In this spirit, we commit ourselves to building inclusive and welcoming classroom communities that respect diversity and allow students to feel comfortable and safe while they learn. We ask that faculty and students strive to do the following (in line with efforts at other universities):

  • honor the uniqueness of their peers;
  • share their personal experiences, values, and beliefs;
  • appreciate the opportunity that we have to learn from each other in this community;
  • communicate in a respectful manner;
  • keep confidential all discussions that the community has of a personal (or professional) nature;
  • utilize opportunities together to discuss additional ways in which we can create an inclusive environment in our courses and across the CSB/SJU community.

Your Voice

We understand the importance of feedback in this process. Students should feel free to offer their feedback on CSB/SJU administration, staff, faculty, and student efforts to foster anti-racist and multicultural institutions through the following channels: A. faculty office hours; B. end-of-semester course surveys; C. anonymous course feedback forms; D. official grievances to the administration; as well as through many student clubs and associations.

Your voice matters. Please know we care about you and your experience. We are ready to listen.