Languages and Cultures

Classics Teaching Assistants

Do we have Teaching Assistants and Tutors?

Yes, we do! Classics majors and minors quickly develop serious expertise in Greek and Latin. Every year some of these students take on roles as Teaching Assistants and Tutors in the department, enriching our language instruction in significant ways. Our current Teaching Assistants are listed below. Greek and Latin students should reach out to them for tutoring and support!

Logan Biren
Greek Teaching Assistant

Classics: Classical Languages and Classics: Ancient Mediterranean Studies major

Dayna Wiley
Latin Teaching Assistant

Classics: Ancient Mediterranean Studies and Biology major

College of Saint Benedict
Saint John’s University

Jeff DuBois
Chair, Languages and Cultures Department
CSB Richarda P32

Jennifer Schwichtenberg
Department Coordinator
CSB Richarda P38
SJU Quad 253A