What professors will I work with in Classics?

Your Classics professors come from different departments on campus, and each offers students a distinctive disciplinary perspective on the ancient Mediterranean and its environs. Together they provide a holistic program of study that is hard to find elsewhere.

Core faculty:

    Scott Richardson, Ph. D. Professor of Classics
   Jason Schlude, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Classics
   Krista Osmundson, M.A. Visiting Professor of Classics

Affiliated faculty:

    Charles Bobertz, Ph. D. Professor of Theology
   Carol Brash, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Art
   Jessica Harkins, Ph.D. Associate Professor of English

Do you have teaching assistants and tutors?

Yes! Classics majors and minors quickly develop serious expertise in Greek and Latin. Every year some of these students take on roles as teaching assistants and tutors in the department, enriching our language instruction in significant ways. Our current teaching assistants are listed below. Greek and Latin students should reach out to them for tutoring and support!

  Elise Backer (Greek)

  Cole Mathison (Latin)