Degree Requirements

What does it take to major or minor in Classics?

There are two tracks for the Classics major:

  1. Classical Languages: An exciting 30-credit sequence of courses (7 upper-division courses beyond the intermediate Greek or Latin 211 level, plus a 2-credit Greek or Latin 399 capstone project) in either Greek (for a Greek concentration) or Latin (for a Latin concentration) or a combination of the two. The senior honors thesis (398) can be taken in place of 399 and may be one of the 7 required courses. Of the 7 courses, one may be in Classical literature or civilization in translation or (with permission of department chair) in a related field. For more information, see Greek Courses and Latin Courses. 
  2. Classical Studies: A fascinating and flexible 46-credit interdisciplinary program (in addition to completing intermediate Greek or Latin 211), which involves 11 Classics courses from a variety of disciplines (language, literature, history, religion, philosophy, and art), plus a 2-credit capstone project. For more information on Classical Studies and its many possible courses, check out the European Studies program, for which the Classical Studies major is fundamental.

For many students, a minor in Greek or Latin is the right fit. This 12-credit sequence of courses in Greek or Latin (3 upper-division language courses beyond intermediate Greek or Latin 211) allows you to explore the rich literary landscape of Greece and Rome, while nicely complementing other programs of study and distinguishing your resume.

And before you go, note: Many of these courses will count toward the Common Curriculum and Integrations Curriculum requirements. So, a major or minor in Classics will move you forward at CSB/SJU by helping you complete key general requirements for graduation!