Courses Offered Next Term

Hi Classics friends,

As you are thinking through your Spring 2021 course schedule,  please keep in mind our Classics offerings! I paste the possibilities below.

If you have taken Greek 211, consider Greek 332: Herodotus, which explores the writings and thought of the founding father of history and anthropology (he is also one of the greatest storytellers of all time!). If you have taken Latin 211, consider Latin 343: Ovid's Metamorphoses, which indulges the exciting poetry of Ovid, who in this work recounts the history of the world (starting at the beginning!) and all its mythological transformations.

Those looking for a course taught fully in English could take History 330: Greece in the Classical Period, which studies how ancient Greeks investigated and debated what it meant to be Greek. This study of Greek identity will give us the opportunity to learn about a variety of famous parties, wars, trials, and tragedies in Greek history, including the famous Olympic games. You'll learn a great deal about yourself in the process.

These are just some of the possibilities!

And if you are still looking for a course this fall, then consider Latin 111 (offered now in block C3 -- so move fast!) or Greek 111 (offered in block D4). With these you could begin your Greek or Latin journey and then take Latin 112 or Greek 112 in the spring. Think about it! Considering the contributions of these languages to English, study of them now will help you not only to move on the surface of the English language, but to know its depths and command its currents like never before. And they will open an enormous library of texts that have legitimately changed the world -- and are waiting to change yours. Take a chance!

Feel free to talk to me about anything related to our Classics program! I hope you are well.

Best wishes,
Jason Schlude

Associate Professor of Classics
Chair, Languages and Cultures Department
College of St. Benedict and St. John's University