Classics Program

What is Classics?

Classics is the interdisciplinary study of the ancient Greeks and Romans and their interactions with other peoples and cultures in the Mediterranean basin and Middle East. It is an attempt to understand the origins of western civilization through study of Greek and Latin languages, literature, history, archaeology, religion, and philosophy.

Classics offers insight into many timeless questions. How can one cope with mortality? What is the character of human responsibility and justice? How should people govern society? What leads to its peace and prosperity, what to its violence and decline? What does it mean to be a good (or bad) man, woman, husband, wife, father, mother, son, daughter, and friend? How do literature and art reflect and shape a society’s beliefs, desires, and fears?

If you ever ask and grapple with these questions, Classics may be for you!

Classics is not only fascinating but also practical. Classics students are capable and successful.  They are agile thinkers and articulate and persuasive citizens. It is no wonder they become effective teachers, education and arts administrators, museum curators, information technology specialists, lawyers, doctors, and businesspersons.

Classics Major, Emily Holt, Archaeologist

Can I major or minor in Classics?

Yes, you can! Here at CSB/SJU, students can pursue a Classical Languages major (30 credits), which emphasizes the study of Greek and/or Latin languages, or a Classical Studies major (46 credits) through the European Studies program, which allows them the flexibility to study a broad range of courses in literature, history, art, archaeology, religion, and philosophy. Students can even minor in Greek or Latin (12 credits beyond the elementary sequence)!

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