Chinese Program

Student-Faculty Research Trip to China

In 2019, Dr. Sophia Geng and four CSB/SJU students were awarded the ASIANetwork Student-Faculty Fellows. An overview of their research project is noted below:

Our project aims to investigate the role urbanization plays in shaping the cultural identity of towns and cities rich in cultural heritage. Additionally, we analyze the local people’s resistance to the official cultural representation designed by the national and local authorities as well as dissect the local people’s ingenuity in searching for a shared future centered on community and sustainability. Our chosen sites of case study are Hu Ji Town in Shandong Province, North China and Zou Ma Town in Chongqing Municipality, Southwest China. Although more than a thousand miles apart geographically, Hu Ji and Zou Ma both showcase China’s traditional opera and arts. Hu Ji, a cluster of one town and one hundred villages, represents North China’s drum-accompanied ballad singing heritage, popular at towns and cities hosting large-scale outdoor bazaars. Zou Ma, a cluster of one town and ten villages, exemplifies Southwest China’s “courier roads culture,” where storytelling and oral performances move with horse-drawn commodities along the mountainous roads. Thanks to their rich folklore traditions, Hu Ji and Zou Ma were among the very first enlisted on the national register for Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2006. Subsequently, both sites won the title of “China’s Town of Folklore.” However, these two towns have one distinctive difference. In 2010, villagers of Hu Ji were relocated from traditional one-story courtyards to multiple-story apartment buildings developed by the local authorities whereas Zou Ma has kept its ancient town center and surrounding villages largely intact.

Under the auspices of this fellowship, these five faculty and student fellows conducted a one-month research in China in the summer of 2019.  One of their end products is a storymap that documented their rich research trip engaging with China’s two cultural heritage towns: Zou Ma in Southwest China and Hu Ji in North China. (You will need a google id to access this storymap.)

Chinese Course Offerings

The Chinese Language and Culture Program started in the fall of 1968 as part of the Tri-College East Asian Studies Program. It is one of the earliest Chinese language and culture programs in the state of Minnesota.

The following courses serve to fulfill the global language requirement at CSB/SJU:

  • Chinese 111 (Elementary Chinese I)
  • Chinese 112 (Elementary Chinese II)
  • Chinese 211 (Intermediate Chinese I)

We also offer a minor in Chinese (20 credits):

  • CHIN 212 (Intermediate Chinese II) or 216 abroad
  • CHIN 311 (Chinese Conversation/Composition I) or 315 abroad
  • CHIN 312 (Chinese Conversation/Composition II) or 316 abroad
  • One course in CHIN literature or culture, such as:
    • CHIN 320: Chinese Literature in Translation
    • CHIN 321: Topics in Chinese Literature in Translation, which include:
    • CHIN 321A/GEND 290B: Chinese Women's Literature
    • CHIN 321B: Chinese Folklore, Legends and Myths
      Both CHIN 321A and CHIN 321B fulfill humanities, intercultural and gender requirements of the common curriculum. Both count toward the Chinese minor (through the Languages & Cultures Department), Asian Studies major and minor (through the Asian Studies Program), and Gender Studies major and minor (through the Gender Studies Program).
    • CHIN 330: Topics in Chinese Culture
  • One course with a focus on China from the Asian Studies Program or the Gender Studies Program.

Note: Some of the study abroad courses taken at the Southwest University can count towards the minor. For questions on credit transfer, please contact Dr. Sophia Geng.

Chinese Corner & Tutors

(TBD for Fall 2021)

Open to the public!

Tutors and volunteer Chinese native speakers will be available to practice Chinese conversation and pronunciation or help with class exercises and homework for all levels of Chinese classes. All are welcome! Our "Study Buddy" table allows non-native speakers to converse easily with native speakers by switching between English and Chinese every 15 minutes. Join us throughout the semester!

Chinese Tutors

Get individualized help with your Chinese studies!
Contact our tutors to make an appointment: 

Parker Scanlon: [email protected]
John Ward:  [email protected]

Cultural Activities

There are numerous opportunities throughout each semester for students to engage in cultural activities on campus. Among those events are the Dumpling Social, Chinese Corner, and Movie Night.

Study Abroad in China

Students at CSB/SJU have the option of studying in China at our partner University near Chongqing for an entire semester, or can choose to complete research there in the summer.  In addition, students can opt to complete an internship in Shanghai or Hong Kong during the summer.

As a semester study abroad student in China, you have the opportunity to learn about contemporary China Business practices or admire Chinese traditions with calligraphy and martial arts, and to appreciate the natural beauty of the rural countryside, along with the skyscrapers of Shanghai.

  • Explore the cultural heritage and historical richness of China.
  • Travel to Bejing, Xian, Yunnan, Chongqing, and Shanghai.
  • Be introduced to Chinese language, Chinese history, Chinese Business, and Chinese culture.
  • Opportunity to teach English for a weekend in rural village.
  • Participate in the traditional forms and rituals of martial arts.

For more information, view our  Education Abroad programs in China or contact Sophia Geng.