Career Paths

Languages & Cultures Majors After Graduation

Study in a language is often interdisciplinary in nature and prepares students for a variety of careers, both in the United States and around the world.

Graduates have gone on to live and work in Austria, Belgium, Africa, England, France, Central American countries and throughout the U.S. Many students pursue careers in teaching or go on to graduate school in their field, while others enter those professions in which applicants with a broad liberal background are sought. Beyond that, the linguistic competence associated with such a major is increasingly of interest to employers in a growing number of business, service and government fields. As a result, students often choose to join a foreign language major with another major.

The knowledge of a foreign language is especially marketable when combined with a background in another liberal arts field, such as business, science, history, education, communication, political science or mathematics. Many corporations and agencies with international branches or those conducting business with other countries seek to hire graduates who possess linguistic skills and a sensitivity to other cultures. Government work, teaching and a variety of social service careers are also solid options for students with language competence.

CSB and SJU graduates regularly earn Fulbright and Rotary Scholarships that send them abroad for further international study and work.

CSB and SJU Languages & Cultures/Ancient Mediterranean Studies graduates are working in these fields: