Brian Schnese

Name: Brian Schnese
Major: German


“I find that I am constantly being pushed by my professors, my peers and myself. I am pushed to learn more, do better, understand more, think more, perform better and maintain my studies. As a result I am challenged to keep it all together and not spread myself too thin. The rewards of working hard and learning are the most valuable here at CSB and SJU.”

Doing More, Working Harder

“After high school, I spent a year studying in Germany, and I learned the importance of international understanding and the benefits of knowing a second language. The Saint Ben’s and Saint John’s MCLL major supports this understanding and offers the skills I need to be effective in the use of a foreign language. Furthermore, the MCLL department prides itself on teaching the culture of other countries. With professors from all over the world, the MCLL department is well qualified to offer modern and historical insight on every language offered here. I chose the MCLL major to back the experience I already have and to hone and develop the skills I need for an international career in the future.”

A Great Fit

“The MCLL major is one of the smartest choices you can make. As our world grows smaller, we are repeatedly connecting with new cultures and languages. This is apparent in almost every career field today. You can’t avoid it, and having an MCLL major today puts you ahead of the rest. You are opening many new doors of opportunity which can land you the career of a lifetime, connecting you with some of the most interesting people in the world.”