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Come and explore your vocation in ways you never thought possible!

Take Part

Spiritual companioning is a process that focuses on the conscious development of the relationship between a person and God either one-to-one or in a small group setting. The spiritual companion helps a person notice and respond to the presence, movement, and invitation of God in life and prayer. It might include helping someone learn to pray, listening for or noticing God's activity, discernment for decision-making, becoming aware of images of God that influence the relationship, and bringing wounds or life-patterns to God for healing. Although it is not a counseling or therapeutic relationship, many find that spiritual companioning is a helpful companion process to our day to day work.

As a Facilitator

We are always looking for faculty, staff, alumni/ae, members of our monastic communities, or friends of the colleges who are interested in being co-facilitators for the on-campus undergraduate spiritual companioning groups (Journey Groups). Co-facilitation is an important aspect of the group structure and process as facilitators potentially serve as witnesses to increasing vocational awareness, and model that reality through their personal self-disclosure and interaction with each other and the group.