Themes for Journey Groups

Our Journey Group Program is available to students for all four years of their enrollment with the college. Following a four year guide students participating in the Journey Group Program will encounter structured reflections designed specifically for their level of schooling.

Second Year:

Discernment and Decisions: How Do I Sort Out Options? What Tools Do I Need?

  1. Learning to Live with Paradox and Mystery
  2. Voices of God and Self
  3. How Do I Know? Tradition and Personal Decisions
  4. Action and Contemplation

Listening: Paying Attention to God, Self, and Others

  1. Prayer, Restlessness, and Desire - Listening to God
  2. Daily Encounters - Listening to Others
  3. Self-care - Listening to my Body
  4. Self and Others in the World - Listening to Culture
  5. Optional Session: Gender

Third Year:

Vocation Issues: What is Important to Me? To What am I called to Do and Be?

  1. The Vocation to Love
  2. The Vocation to Learn
  3. The Vocation to Lead
  4. The Call to Build Relationships

Community: Living Well as Women and Men in Family, Church, and Society

  1. The Call to Work and Serve
  2. Vocation and Family Life
  3. Vocation and Gender
  4. Vocation and Church
  5. Optional Session: Relationships

Fourth Year:

Navigating Transitions and Change with Wisdom

  1. Change and Possibility in Transitions
  2. Making Sense of Transitions: The Past Serves the Present
  3. The Gift of Guides who Walk with Us?
  4. Acknowledging and Giving Thanks

Stability and Commitment: Healing and Choosing in a Life Well-Lived

  1. Wounded and Healed, We Journey to God with Others
  2. Bringing God's Reconciling Love to the World
  3. Setting Our Hearts on Things that Matter
  4. Moving Forward
  5. Optional Session: Sexuality