Journey Group Meeting Information

When to Submit Your Meeting Request

  • All meeting requests need to be submitted a minimum of 9 days prior to the date of your meeting (regardless of where your meeting will take place).
  • The most important reason for the time frame is so we can reserve the space for you.
  • The meeting request also serves the purpose of alerting us to special needs that may need our attention such as accommodating a physical ability, etc.
  • The time frame also gives us the ability to attend to other needs such as adjustments to school calendars.  Our Companions student workers process the meeting requests. These Companions student workers have 1-2 hours scheduled to work in the office to do this processing.  Submission for your meeting requests in a timely fashion helps us to be sure we have time to process and be sure you have a space for your meetings.


We have set up 3 locations containing basic supplies to accommodate your meetings. These locations are the following:

  • Main Building - Custodial closet in the TRC (unmarked door outside the Fireside Lounge)
  • Main Building - Custodial closet on Third Floor (unmarked door across from the elevator near the water fountain)
  • Upper Mary Commons - Break Room (Room 206);

Supplies include pitcher, cups, silverware, napkins, plates, etc. The supplies in Campus Ministry also include a refrigerator, condiments, coffee, and coffee maker.

If at any time you need assistance or have a request please contact our office. We will help provide you with the assistance needed for your group.


Some locations have policies/restrictions for their use.  All groups need to abide by these policies.

  • The Spirituality Center: a member of the journey group must be a Sister from the monastery.
  • If your Room is not opened or it is a weekend, please call Campus Security at 363-5000 (on campus x5000) 15 minutes prior to your meeting.
  • There are four meeting spaces in Upper Mary Commons. The Reflection Room will not be available for meetings every Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Photos of the meeting spaces available for journey group meetings and a campus map may be found here: Meeting Requests at CSB.