What is it like to participate in a Journey Group?
How have Journey Groups made a difference?

But, in this group, we do know that we will be held with care, respect, trust, and the knowledge that through our successes and challenges there will be a group of women each month who are truly listening to our story with the ear of their heart.

Bridget Mathiowetz, Class of 2015

This group of women has been something that has been consistent for me over the past three years. When everything else around me was changing, it is a little thing like a group of women gathering on a Sunday afternoon that I have treasured being a part of.

Hope Mueller, Class of 2017

Being a part of companions on a journey allows you to be vulnerable. In a world where we are striving toward perfection, this group makes it possible to tap into parts of your mind and body that are usually neglected.  

Cathy Robak, Facilitator

 They have provided wonderful insights on life and God, not only for each other, but for me as well.  After each of our meetings I walked away refreshed; knowing we may not have answers to all of life’s questions, but we have friends and God sharing this walk through life with us. 

Ellie Vanasse, Class 2016

It is such a blessing and a pleasure to walk this journey with all the beautiful and inspirational women I have met at St. Ben’s. Without them, my thirst for adventure, passion, and love would never be fulfilling or enjoyable.

Sara Dobesh, Class of 2017

I remember being so impressed with the openness and honesty of the women around me, and also how present and respectful everyone was.  This caused me to ditch my safe response and actually share something that was meaningful and very personal, and I am so grateful that I did, and continue to do so every month.  I always leave feeling renewed and refreshed, like a weight has been lifted.

Taylor Scheele, Class of 2016

I used to be very uncomfortable with silence, and those pauses between sharing and reflecting in Journey group meetings used to make me squirm on the inside, wanting communication of some kind. But I’ve learned silence is OK. Now I cherish silence, both in everyday life and in journey group.

Brittany Jones, Class of 2015

I have learned to seek God in every situation no matter how trivial or grand because he uses all of my experiences to shape me into a woman of Purpose. I have also learned that our challenges help to build character and there are lessons that we can learn from each other.