Prayer for Companions on a Journey

God our Companion,

You walk with us and constantly call us to more abundant life.

May we recognize your offer of friendship to us with every step we take, day after day, on our journey to be more fully united with you.

May we respond to you as a friend by listening and discerning; by sharing stories; by making a hospitable place for you in our lives; by learning from you to live with darkness and unknowing.

May our friendships with you overflow beyond boundaries as we seek to accompany others along the way.

You have given us yourself, God of Mystery.

May we, like you, empty ourselves in service and radiate your intimate love and bountiful presence throughout all of creation.


Adapted from a prayer by Marian Diaz, Barb Buesing, Christine Luna Munger, Kate Ritger, and Mary Reuter, O.S.B. May 2010