Format and Structure of a Group Meeting

This outline of the format and structure of a companioning group session brings upon the most benefits of the experience. Each meeting a different topic or theme is chosen. If you are following our manual we have put together specific developmental themes that will bring about a deeper exploration of your own life story.





5 minutes

Opening Ritual

To enter into a contemplative attitude

  • Vary according to selected prayer/ritual

25-30 minutes


To reconnect to one another, in a contemplative manner, through simple listening

  • All begin eating
  • One sharing
  • Silence
  • Another sharing
  • Process repeated until all have shared

3-5 minutes

Introduction of Theme

To invite the theme and begin reflection

  • Presenter may vary

60-70 minutes

Shared Reflecting and Responding

To practice spiritual companioning through intentional sharing and responding

  • Silence
  • Shared reflection
  • Silence
  • Shared response
  • Silence
  • Process repeated for each person

5-10 minutes

Closing Ritual

To close contemplative experience

  • Vary according to selected prayer/ritual