Make a Difference

In October, 2003 we started our Journey Program with 62 students.  Journey Groups are an opportunity for CSB students to Slow Down, Turn Off, Gain Perspective, and Maintain Balance.  They set aside their text books, turn off their cell phones, and open their listening ear to participate in Journey Groups, small monthly group spiritual companioning sessions.

Often students think of their vocation as their job or career.  At times, it is seen as their state in life: married, single, vowed religious, priest (or a combination of some).  A prevalent tendency is to see their vocation as "something" out there that they find or construct; they may believe that once they find it, they will be settled for life.  It doesn't take much to discover the fallacy of this perception.  Life changes.  They are challenged with new questions and situations.  Their stability is pulled off center.  The view of vocation being found once and for all can arouse anxiety that challenges making decisions.  What major should I choose?  Whom should I marry?  Which college or grad school should I choose?  And if I make a "wrong choice," what will happen to me?

Through the processes of Journey Groups, students are given opportunities to explore their vocation at its most fundamental level of Christian living.  By engaging in listening and responding they become more active in living their primary vocation: to become aware of who they are and who God is calling them to become so they can love as God loves.

Making a Difference!

How can you ensure thoughtful use of college resources that helps the continuence of our Journey Program?  How can you demonstrate your commitment to Saint Ben's students? Become actively involved in our program!

Become Involved

We are looking for spiritually grounded women to facilitate a Journey Group.  If you are interested in mentoring CSB students and have a desire to listen with the ear of your heart as you guide young college women on their faith journey please contact our office. 

To become involved, contact:

Sister Sharon Nohner
Director of CSB Campus Ministry
Coordinator of Companions on a Journey
Phone: (320) 363-5285
Email: [email protected]