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Companions/SOT Evaluation Survey

Please complete the sentence below by choosing one of the ratings for each of the following statements:
Since I have been in my Companioning Group...
My ability to listen has
My ability to reflect has
My ability to empathize has
My ability to ask good questions has
My ability to share with others has
My ability to discern has
Please rate the degree to which you agree with the following statements:
  Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
I got to know my companions in a meaningful way.
My companions helped me to identify my gifts and talents.
Having my companions listen to me helped me to name my passions, identify the needs of others, and discover how the two are connected.
My companions helped me to sort through the many voices that speak to me through my personal and professional experiences.
My companions offered me support and encouragement to trust my ability to live fully into my vocation.
My companions challenged me and held me accountable to God, myself, and others.
Please rank your overall assessment of the effectiveness of the group spiritual companioning process for your ministerial formation.
Please respond to the following open-ended questions:

The session guides that are used in preparation for each session are designed to support the group process as well as encourage reflection on vocation, call, gift discernment, hopes, and challenges of ministry. Considering this purpose, please respond to the following:

Would you like us to follow-up with you regarding any of your comments?