Club Sports at CSB and SJU

Club sports are a great way to get involved, enjoy a sport that you love and to try something new. Our clubs are student organizations that routinely compete in tournaments or games against teams from other colleges or universities.

Club sports are all about that athletic drive.

We have a "no cut policy" which allows players to gain experience and become better athletes.

dance CSB Dance Team

figure skating CSB Figure Skating

lacrosse CSB Club Lacrosse

rugby CSB Rugby

frisbee CSB Ultimate Frisbee

volleyball CSB Club Volleyball

SJU Volleyball

crew CSB/SJU Crew

CSB/SJU Cycling

nordic ski CSB/SJU Nordic Skiing

lacrosse SJU Lacrosse

rugby SJU Rugby

SJU Soccer

frisbee SJU Ultimate Frisbee

water polo SJU Water Polo