History of Pines

From 1979-2010, the annual end of year music celebration for students on Watab Island at Saint John's was referred to as Pinestock. From early 2000's attendance at Pinestock began to wane. Ticket prices for the concert were typically high for students at $20-$30.00 due to sound and artist prices, and inclement April weather typically forced the concert indoors.  In an effort to save the celebration, Pinestock was revamped by the 2011 Joint Events Council (JEC) Executive Board, under the direction of SALD Asst. Director Gwen Schimek. The event was changed to Pines in the following year. The Pines event  included more activities than solely a concert in hopes of being more attractive to a larger number of students. This transition to Pines provided the JEC new found freedom to build a wide-ranging Pines event that meets the interests of the student body.

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