2019-2020 Executive Board

The Executive Chairs serve as the leaders of the individual committees. They oversee the planning of all their committee's events. The Chairs meet once a week as a large group and typically with their committees once a week as well. Take a look at your 2019-2020 Joint Events Council Executive Board!


Logan Cunningham 

SJU Co-Chair

man with glasses smiling

Senior | Accounting Major

Fun Fact: I almost got struck by lightning. 

Bao Khang

CSB Co-Chair/Traditions Chair

woman leaning and smiling

Junior | Chemistry Major & Psychology Minor, Pre-Med Track

Fun Fact: My pinkies are uneven.

SALD/JEC Executive Chair of Marketing

Casie Whalen

Woman in brown sweater smiling

Senior | Psychology Major

Fun Fact: My second toe is larger than my first toe.

Executive Chair of Board Management and Assessment/Membership

Bao Yang

woman with peace sign smiling

Junior | Global Business Major 

Fun Fact: I study abroad in China fall semester of 2019.

Public Relations & Marketing Chair

Hannah Chisholm

woman smiling in pink shirt

Senior | Psychology Major

Fun Fact: I love to travel.

 Life & Culture Chair

Geonn Taylor

man smiling in the photo wearing black shirt

Sophomore | Peace Studies Major & History Minor

Fun Fact: I like to make up songs.

 Spotlight Chair

Melissa Garcia

woman wearing navy floral dress

Sophomore | Psychology Major & Hispanic Studies Minor

Fun Fact: I like to play the guitar

Dance Chair

Pa Lor

woman smiling in photo

First Year | Computer Science 

Fun Fact: I like to listen to Hmong folktales while doing homework instead of music.

 Musical Events Chair

Victoria Johnson 

woman with glasses smiling

Sophomore | Biology Major, Pre Med Track

Fun Fact: I have been a vegetarian for almost 5 years.

Sports and Recreation Chair 

Sam Turner

man in blue sweater

Senior | Global Business Leadership 

Fun Fact: I can recite Spongebob quotes for hours.

Special Events Chair

Connor Johnson

man with glasses

Senior | Economics and Philosophy Major

Fun Fact: 

Contest Chair

Ashton Andrews

Junior | Computer Science Major & Japanese Minor

Fun Fact: