Co-Sponsorship with On-Campus Clubs & Organizations

Joint Events Council Co-sponsorship

  • JEC co-sponsorship for a specific event is considered appropriate when the JEC mission to enhance our campus community by providing diverse and inclusive event programming is reinforced.
  • JEC co-sponsorship may be a contribution in the form of staffing, marketing or funding.

The following requirements must be true of all JEC co-sponsorships:

  1. Requests for event co-sponsorship must be submitted by a recognized club or organization, an academic department or another administrative office.  The JEC will not consider co-sponsorships with individuals or unrecognized student groups.
  2. Requests must come from the recognized club or organization, academic department or administrative office that is responsible for contracting for the activity or event.
  3. Co-sponsorship forms must be submitted and approved no less than 30 business days prior to the scheduled event date, or prior to the event being booked.
  4. The Joint Events Council must have significant participation in planning the activity or event from its inception.
  5. All event publicity must list the JEC in comparable size and status as the sponsor.
  6. Any exceptions to the above items must be approved in writing by the JEC advisor.

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