Women's Month 2023

Women's Month 2023 : She Belongs 

In March the IWL highlights the power women hold as shapers and creators of our world. Through events and programming, we hope to shed light on the talent and leadership that women possess as they pave the way for women coming after them. This year, the Institute for Womens Leadership has chosen to highlight intersectionality through the many events and programs that will be produced during the month. 

March 1st – LLAS Lecture Series: Multicultural Center 7:00 – 8:30pm

This talk explores how Latinx community workers and activists in Tkaronto (Toronto, Canada) grapple with these questions as they seek to build social justice by working across various non-profit organizations and grassroots collectives. Engaging with the stories Latinx community workers and activists have shared with her over the last eight years, Dr. Cahuas demonstrates how these workers mobilize a Latinx feminist praxis that infiltrates neoliberal non-profit organizations, agitates the status quo and creates alternative spaces of political education, care, friendship, joy and solidarity that are crucial for sustaining social justice movements. Dr. Cahuas's presentation considers how such a Latinx feminist praxis can inform struggles for social justice in our current political moment.

March 6th-8th – Spring Break Trip: Lynx Lodge Retreat; Climate Justice Coordinator Mari Hermerding

We will be partnering with CSB Campus Ministries Social Justice and Spirituality Team to bring ten Bennie students to Northern Minnesota for a few notes to learn about how to connect with nature and harness wilderness abilities.

 March 13th-23rd – Feminists Across Cultures Library Display: Clemens’s Library; Intercultural Representative Liz Pineda

This display will showcase the work women all around the world have done as activists in fighting towards gender equality, racial justice, queer rights, etc. It will be presented in the campus libraries until the end of the month.

March 14th – Bennie Leadership Panel: Multicultural Center 7:00 pm; Hynes Coordinator Annie McGuire

Hynes Coordinator Annie will host a panel of current and former Bennie leaders to talk about the importance of leadership and development opportunities on campus and beyond. They will speak on the ways in which leadership skills have impacted them in their personal and professional lives. This is also an opportunity for current and former Bennies to connect with one another.


March 15th – Natural Beauty Day: Gorecki Fireside 7:00am – 7:00pm (or as product allows); Public Relations Coordinator Taylor Reiter

A CSB tradition, Natural Beauty Day is back! This year’s focus is on encouraging students to embrace their natural hair texture. We will be tabling in Gorecki Fireside throughout the day and handing out t-shirts, pint glasses, and stickers.

March 16th – “Imposter Syndrome is a Feminist Issue”: Multicultural Center 5:00 – 6:15 pm; Program Coordinator Dana Alcala and Intercultural Representative Liz Pineda

“Imposter Syndrome is a Feminist Issue” is an interactive workshop with a similar pattern to Theater of the Oppressed. The approach called ‘Reflection, Action, and Dialogue’ engages audience members with cast members in a scenario that demonstrates what someone struggling with imposter syndrome looks like. The goal is to get the audience to feel emotions, require them to be put in the situation in a manner that they would respond to the scenario, and then talk about the issue and how to identify and overcome Imposter Syndrome

March 16th and 17th – Fine Art Series: Kao Kalia Yang: Gorecki Family Theater 7:30pm

March 19th – CSB Softball v. Buena Vista University: S. Lois Wedl Field 12:00 – 2:00 pm

March 20th – Sex, Milk, and Cookies: Upper Gorecki 6:30 – 8:00 pm; Community Coordinator Annika Gothmann and Public Relations Coordinator Taylor Reiter

This series focuses on women's sexual, reproductive, and personal health, what health services and personnel are available/accessible for women and transgender and intersex individuals, and the importance of bodily autonomy in relationships and healthcare. Each program includes intersectional perspectives from women of different experiences on the topics. This year's topic is on libido. We will discuss ways to communicate needs to intimate partners as well as addressing a culture of slut shaming. The purpose of this event is to encourage inclusive and reflective dialogue between students regarding their relationships with themselves, with others, and their bodies. 

March 21st – Woman of Color Affinity Space (AIM): Multicultural Center 5:30pm-6:30pm; AIM Directors Kate Estrada and Amanda Martinez-Port

AIM will be holding an Affinity Space for Bennies of color to gather in community to discuss their shared experiences at a PWI and uplift each other's stories. The event requires all AIM scholars to attend, but it will be open to all Bennies of color. The discussion will be led by the AIM directors and selected AIM members.

March 23rd – Bennie Outdoor Series Rock Climbing: SJU Palestra 6:30pm; Climate Justice Coordinator Mari Hermerding

A part of a reoccurring series. Mari will assist Bennies with the opportunity to rock climb at the Palestra, in partnership with the OLC.

March 24th – Feminist Art Gallery Opening: BAC Student Lounge 5:30pm; Social Justice Coordinator Lexi Horner

The IWL is hosting an art display in honor of Women’s month to highlight Bennie artists and their woman-themed art. The display will be located in the student lounge in the BAC from March 24th through March 31st. To initiate the opening of this display, we will host a gallery opening event on March 24th where student artists will be invited to perform/discuss their piece at a semi-formal, open-house event. The art will be anything that is woman-themed, with suggested topics of inclusivity, diversity, cross-cultural feminism, and a variety of other social issues. The artists who submit their work will also have an opportunity to win prizes for their work.

March 26th – Etiquette Dinner: Upper Gorecki 7:00pm; Student Director Julia Geller         

Want to make a good impression at business meals and formal events? Learn how to take advantage of the opportunities at the Etiquette dinner. Saint Ben’s students from all majors are invited to participate in this FREE event sponsored by: CSB Alumnae Relations, CSB Residential Life and Experience, Institute for Women’s Leadership (IWL) and Professional Development (XPD). This event previously was only for First and Second Year students but is now open to for all at Saint Ben’s.

March 27th – Bennie Run Club: Outside of Gorecki 6:15am; Climate Justice Coordinator Mari Hermerding

The IWL wants to make exercising outdoors a safe & accessible experience for Bennies. So, join us for a morning run! We will meet biweekly and run two miles around different parts of St. Joseph. Afterwards, we will meet with the CSB+SJU Meditation Club for a brief mental reset. From there, let's head to Gorecki for breakfast. Spots are limited - click the link in our bio to sign up!

March 28th-29th – Keynote Speaker: Upper Gorecki 7:00pm; Student Director Julia Geller

Wanjiku “Wawa” Gatheru is a climate storyteller passionate about making the climate movement relevant and accessible to everyone. Harnessing her background as a Rhodes Scholar and youth climate activist, Wawa works to bring climate justice to the mainstream. Her goal is to be an effective communicator that helps inspire a generation of “unlikely” environmentalists."

Her visit to CSB will include a dinner with campus leaders on the evening of March 28th, and visits with classrooms and small group engagements on March 29th.

March 30th – Hynes’ Research Presentation: Upper Gorecki 6:00-7:30pm; Hynes Coordinator Annie McGuire

Each year, sophomore CSB students have the opportunity to apply to become a part of Hynes Scholars, a yearlong cohort-based program that explores gender and leadership. This cohort commits to personal exploration and reflection, scholarship, and dialogue on topics of gender, leadership, social justice, and identity.  At the end of this unique experience, the Hynes leave with a clear vision about how they wish to shape the world around them and continue to grow the skills they have learned within the cohort.

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