Passphrase (also known as Password) Help

Getting Started

Setup your authentication options now so you can easily reset your password in the future. If you are across the world studying abroad or we are closed, you can still access your account.

You have three options and must select one authentication method. The three options are phone,alternative email or security questions. You are required to do one of the three options on the page, however we suggest that you register multiple methods. This gives you flexibility when one of the methods is not available.

Setup Authentication Options

Passphrase Requirements

Use the following passphrase (also know as passwords) creation guidelines for your CSB/SJU network account:

Forgot Your Password

Change Your Password

Note: Your User ID is your full [email protected].

Please direct questions related to these instructions to the CSB/SJU IT Services Help Desk at 320-363-2228 or email [email protected].